Elusive Satirist ‘Kai Maew’ to Host 1st Art Exhibit

Image: KaiMaew / Facebook

BANGKOK — An online cartoonist famed for his adorable characters lampooning Thai politics will have his works displayed in public for the first time at an artspace next month.

A curator said the event will celebrate his prolific works as an artist who touches on various subjects that made the news.

“Kai Maew has been publishing his works for years now, so it’s time we compile his works for a display,” Lalita Hanwong said in an interview. “Many of his works don’t only reflect politics, but they also involve social and economic issues.”

She added that the event would include exclusive content. However, the author himself will likely be absent.


“I don’t think he would come,” Lalita said. “He’s cautious.”

Despite the huge popularity of his webcomics, Kai Maew’s identity remains an elusive subject. In an interview with Khaosod English a year ago, the author would only say he’s a man in his 30s.

His characters mirror real figures in the circus of Thai politics and current events, from “General” and his sidekick spokesman to a square-face man who seems to be hiding in nearly every national controversy.   

Considering the political nature of Kai Maew’s works, security officers are surely expected to pay a visit, Lalita said, though she believes the event itself won’t be forced to cancel.


“If we organize it in the name of art, it should be okay,” she said. “Kai Maew’s works are also open to many ways of interpretation.”

“Khai Maew X: Kalaland” will run 1pm to 6pm from Nov. 7 through Nov. 22 at Artist+Run gallery in Yannawa district. An opening night is set for 6pm on Nov. 10. The gallery can be reached from BTS Chong Nonsi and BRT Thanon Chan. Entry is free.