Election Commission Lays Down Timeline for 2019 Poll

Voters check their registrations in June 2011.

BANGKOK — Thailand is set to vote March 24 on its future government, but the results may not be finalized until early May, according to a timeline laid down by the organizers of the election.

The Election Commission has until May 9 to verify the results and settle any misconduct complaints filed against party candidates. Only after the results are verified can the new government be formed and premier appointed.

By comparison, when Thailand voted in July 2011, the Election Commission had only several weeks to endorse the results. The parliament chose Yingluck Shinawatra as prime minister on Aug. 5 – less than a month after Election Day.

The timeframe for the 2019 election announced by the commission goes as follows:


Jan. 23
Election date was formally set

Jan. 28 – Feb. 19
Registration for advance and overseas voting opens

Feb. 4 – 8
Registration for MP candidates opens; each contending party submits
names of its prime minister candidates

Feb. 15
MP candidates announced

March 1 – 16
Overseas voting


March 17
Advance voting

March 24
General Election Day

May 9
Deadline for endorsement of the results