Natthaporn Toprayoon speaks to reporters on Jan. 21, 2020.

BANGKOK — A lawyer responsible for a legal complaint that could result in a dissolution of a key opposition party said Tuesday he had no bias toward the accused.

Natthaporn Toprayoon, a lawyer by trade, said he was merely following his duty to protect the monarchy from the Future Forward Party, whom he accused of republicanism and resemblance to the fictitious Illuminati cult in his complaint. The court is due to rule on the case later today.

“I love the monarchy like I love my parents,” Natthaporn told reporters as he arrived at the Constitutional Court. “If anyone hurt them, I must protect them.”

The lawyer also said he only filed complaints against the Future Forward Party because it’s the only party in the Parliament who has a track record of campaigning against the monarchy. His lawsuit asked the court to dissolve the party on charges of abusing liberty granted under the charter to sabotage the Constitutional Monarchy regime.

His reference to the Illuminati society, which has been debunked by historians as a fabricated conspiracy theory, in the court case gained much attention from the social media, even dwarving Natthaporn’s main allegation of disloyalty to the monarchy.

In his court filing, Natthaporn argued the party clearly had ties to the Illuminati, who purportedly sought to overthrow political institutions worldwide, because the two share similarity in their triangular logos.

Speaking today, Natthaporn said he never meant the two organizations are the same.

“The Illuminati society is not connected to the Future Forward Party,” he said. “But their actions are similar. Their plans and actions are similar … and it’s up to the court to decide on it.”


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