MTV Exit To Hold Two Free Concerts In Udon Thani On 24 May

Multi-platinum artist Bodyslam and top acts from around ASEAN to headline.

UDON THANI, Thailand,1 April 2014 – MTV EXIT today announced it is holding two free concert  sat Udon  Thani Hall in Central Plaza  on 24 May, to educate young people about the dangers of human trafficking. Multi-platinum artist Bodyslam will join top bands from around the ASEAN region, including Project E.A.R., Slot Machine, Cells and Scrubb. 

“MTV EXIT Live in UdonThani” was  originally slated to take place on 15 March at Vesuwan Stadium, but was  postponed due to an accident during the stage installation process on 13 March.  Due to heavy monsoon rains in northeast Thailand at this time of year, there  scheduled concerts will take place in an indoor venue. 

To accommodate a high demand for tickets atthe smaller venue, MTV EXIT will produce two shows on 24 May, the first at  14:00 and the second at 19:00. Priority ticketing will be offered to those who  registered their email addresses with MTV EXIT when they picked up tickets for  the original concert. 

Only those who registered email addresses  during ticket pickup are eligible for the priority tickets. The 15 March  concert ticket cannot be exchanged for a 24 May ticket. 

Any remaining tickets will be made availableto the public closer to the concert date. Instructions will be announced on MTV  EXIT’s social media pages and through its partner, WOW FM. 

All questions about ticketing can be  directed to [email protected] 

All tickets to “MTV EXIT Live in  UdonThani” are free.