AIS Emphasizes its Leadership Through Customer Service 'AIS Live 360º' the Best Service with Heart' Delivering Integrated Digital Technology

The following is a paid news release.

March 28, 2016

AIS has emphasized the position as the leader of customer service through 'AIS LIVE 360º' under the campaign of 'AIS Thailand’s Number 1 the Best Service with Heart' to deliver the minded service with heart as well as selecting privileges that fit for 4G customers’ lifestyle, especially integration of new digital technology with understanding and attention to all details. This is to enhance the service to the ultimate level in all aspects; speed, convenience and up to date as well as the most variety with the privileges to serve everyday lifestyle covered 360 degrees.

Mrs. Bussaya Satirapipatkul Executive Vice President – Customer & Service Management of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) said 'with AIS vision, we aim to deliver the most exceptional experience to serve up the digital lifestyle to the 4G customers by 4-best strategies; Best Network, Best Application, Best Service and Best People in order to deliver the best in all aspects to the customers, especially the Best Service which we have maintained the best customer service quality as the service leader in Thailand for 25 years continuously.  


This year, according to the understanding in the differentiation of the customers' demand in each group and generation, therefore, to fulfill 360 degree of customers' lifestyle in the 4G era, AIS has uplifted the service by bringing new digital technology to enhance the excellent customer service. According to AIS LIVE 360º, the idea resulting from the understanding and attention to customers' details thoroughly, the campaign `AIS Thailand’s Number 1 Best Service with Heart' has been created to deliver the excellent service and to create the exclusive benefits for the customers.

The focused strategy in 4 main areas consists of; 

1) The Highest Speed Last year, AIS has been awarded The Best Social Media Program of The Year, in a position of the best Social Media Provider with the fastest customers’ service response in Thailand via Facebook, Live Chat, VDO Call, Email and Website. Then, this year, AIS has expanded more serviced channels on social media via LINE@AIS Call Center and Ask Aunjai, the Online Virtual Agent, 24 hours helping with all customers’ inquiries on AIS website.  In addition to the Social Media, to provide the fastest service for the customers in every contact channels, also this year, AIS comes up with the intelligent technology, Omni-Channel, an integrated multi-channel sales approach that provides the customers seamless experience.

2) The Most Convenient with self-service innovation, developing new services for customers convenient, which are 
●      'On Top Package' the latest function in AIS Application allows the customers to design individual Data Package easily. 
●      *1175 (free of charge) popular IVR channel which is the self-service IVR for the customer to manage any transaction by themselves.
●      QR Code new convenient payment channel at anywhere, anytime. 
●      Service Vending Kiosk at AIS shops, the number of kiosks is increasing from 60 to 80 kiosks nationwide.
●      Payment Kiosk expand the area of installation to make the most convenient for the customers such as new MRT stations, community malls, etc.


3) The Most Modernization bringing new digital technology to design & enhance the best customer service experience at AIS as Digital Shop that provide the service on mobility via tablet with using over 700 tablets at AIS Shop nationwide. AIS staffs are able to serve the customers at any points in the shop. Customers need not to approach our counters only wait at the seats and the staffs will go to the customers, offering personalized service with the customers in control. Moreover, to provide the excellent service, the Digital Gurus, who have been well trained on both skills and expertise in digital technologies, are ready at every AIS Shop. By this year, Digital Guru will be increased about 30% for more service effectiveness.
4) The Most Variety of lifestyle privileges to fulfill customers need in their daily life 

●    AIS Privilege increase partners & participating shops from 12,000 to 15,000 shops.
●    AIS Rewards arranged for 8 consecutive years with the prize of gold by lucky drawing. This year will be more exciting and approachable.
●    AIS Points offer variety choices for point redemption and more convenient channels to redeem via AIS Application and
●    AIS Experience offers the exclusive travel experience with AIS Trip and Serenade Trip to the customers. In addition, customers nationwide can enjoy free dining at famous restaurant in 77 provinces in the campaign ‘Eat Free Meal Today`,

“In accordance with continuous conducting our policy in customer service, last year, we received the reward ‘The Best Social Media Program of The Year’ and ‘Innovation Award 2015’ for AIS Live 360º campaign from Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium in Hong Kong and the latest reward ‘The Best Self-Service Customer Innovation 2015’ from Avaya Technology Forum Asia Pacific. AIS has continued to enhance customer service in order to provide the best service to the customers”, concluded Mrs. Bussaya