Daikin Supports Underprivileged Students in Petchabun (Sponsored)

The following is a sponsored message.

Realizing fully well the importance of education, Siam Daikin Sales, the leader of air conditioning innovation, joins forces with its subsidiary in its “Pan Rak Hai Nong” campaign to encourage executives and staff members to give back to society.

The social responsibility activity was joined by Mr. Junichi Omori, president of Daikin Industries in Thailand, and Mr. Hitoshi Tanaka, president of Siam Daikin Sales, along with more than 100 executives and staff members, at Nong Plung School in Bueng Sam Pan district of Petchabun Province.

Mr. Hitoshi Tanaka, president of Siam Daikin Sales, said that, “throughout the operation period of Daikin, the world’s leader in air conditioning technology with unwavering dedication to social responsibility, we are proud to say that Daikin is constantly involved in various social responsibility activities.


We initiated Pan Rak Hai Nong campaign to aid underprivileged students with better access to education and academic enhancing environment. We strongly believe that decent environment, coupled with improved learning medias, will greatly enhance the children’s learning capacity and their quality of life as they grow up.

This time Daikin helped renovate the school’s building, the toilets, the library and kindergarten classrooms with a fresh paint, both external and internal. We also fixed the roof, the ceiling, decorated the classrooms and installed air conditions in the building, as well as donated school desks, shelves, books, whiteboards, television sets and computers as well as textbooks and good quality learning media that is suitable for the children’s age.”

Nong Plung School accommodates 109 children from preschool age to grade 6 with nine teachers. Daikin’s support was greatly appreciated by the community as it restored the 40-year-old school which has long been the village’s center back to decent condition.


The villagers truly admired Daikin’s executives and staff’s determination and resolution to improve educational access for underprivileged children. Daikin came to assess the condition of the school mid-last year and has since continued the renovation work toward successful completion.

The firm is inspired to continue the Pan Rak Hai Nong campaign in many other schools to give back to society in a sustainable way.