Jane Kaew-yod Crowned Best Bartender at Diageo Reserve World Class 2018 (Sponsored)

Diageo Moët Hennessy (Thailand) Ltd recently organized Thailand’s biggest competition of mixologists entitled “DIAGEO Reserve World Class 2018 Thailand Final”, at Escape Bangkok @ The EmQuartier. The high-profile competition was endorsed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) under the Amazing Thailand campaign.

The competition was designed to set the standard for quality and expertise of personnel in the kingdom’s cocktail and bar scene, project the image of TAT and raise Bangkok’s tourism profile to new heights. The competition is held annually to find the best bartender in Thailand and the finest cocktail, and the national winner will represent Thailand at World Class’s global competition.

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Excitement ran high among the judging panel and the audience at “DIAGEO Reserve World Class 2018 Thailand Final”. The final round culminated with a young bartender named Jane Kaew-Yod of Sorrento crowned Thailand’s best bartender for his brilliant cocktail.  As the national winner, Jane will represent Thailand at “World Class Global Finals 2018” in Berlin, Germany later this year.


Diageo Reserve Director Pornseak Pharksuwan said that Diageo Reserve World Class is the world’s number one cocktail competition that has two parts: training and competition. It is the biggest and most influential event in the world concerning mixologists. Globally it has provided 250,000 participants from 60 countries around the world with knowledge and inspiration. The Thailand competition has been annually held by Diageo Moët Hennessy (Thailand) Ltd since 2011 in an attempt to search for the best bartender who will be competing in the name of Thailand at the global level. The competition helps boost the contestants’ knowledge and skill in mixology in a bid to raise the professional standards of the bartending profession in Thailand. Over the past eight years, the competition has developed potential of more than 500 Thai bartenders.


“World Class is not only a competition, but a programme that aims to develop potential, skill and aptitude of bartenders all over the world. The bartenders who have participated in the training and the competition are entitled to the World Class Certificate that guarantees not only class, luxury with style and expertise but creativity and service excellence, too, as “World Class” bartenders,” he said.

“Diageo Reserve World Class 2018 Thaland Final brought together the crème de la crème of Thailand’s cocktail scene who met head-to-head in the competition that consisted of four cocktail themes. In the semi-final, the contestants were required to create two cocktails on the themes of “Thai Eco” and “The Cocktail at Home”. The semi-final round aimed to gauge the contestants’ creativity and ability to apply and adapt the existing ingredients around them to create a different cocktail. The final was governed by the themes of “Against the Clock” and “The Blue’s Dinner”. The judging panel in the final stage included experts who were allies of World Class, supporters and sponsors from different sectors. Among the distinguished guests spotted observing the final round and congratulating the winner were businessmen, media members, fashion gurus, bartending instructors, and representatives of government agencies.

In the final round, Jane Kaew-Yod of Sorrento was proclaimed the national winner. He will represent Thailand at World Class Global Finals 2018, which will be held in August in Berlin, Germany.

Jane said, “I would like to thank World Class and everyone who has given me their support for the opportunity to prove myself. I practiced hard for this competition. The unique cocktail that’s won me the title is called “Wassana”, which means the scent of the rainy season. People might think that the rain has an adverse effect on fruits and other ingredients because it’s believed to dilute the taste. Actually, the rain gives something special to the roots, fruits and the trunks. I chose to use ingredients of the rainy season such as the Siam tulip flower that contains lingering rainwater and fresh bael fruit that’s known for its countless medicinal properties. I used Blue Label Reserve as part of the ingredients in creating this cocktail. I also used figs from the Royal Project. I got the inspiration from King Rama IX’s wisdom that stresses the use of things around us. Throw in my inventive cocktail making technique and a bit of fun, and you’ve got the best cocktail in the right time. The drink is the result of my own way of developing a new drink.”

The training part of the World Class Global Finals 2018 will take place in August in Berlin, Germany.

On this, Jane enthused, “I must study very hard to find out what the competition wants and what its limitations are. Then, I will use what I have learnt together with the advice I have received to develop additional skills to create something new and concoct the best cocktail.”

About World Class

Since its launch in 2009, Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS has been instrumental in transforming fine drinking and cocktail culture around the world. Now in over 60 countries, it has supported, educated and inspired over 15,000 bartenders through its training and advocacy program, becoming the influential purveyor of the art and science of mixology in the luxury drink industry.

World Class was launched in Thailand in 2011 and has since grown immensely in elevating the knowledge and craft of mixology and the art of bartending as well as grooming Thai bartenders’ images, manners and skills to be able to offers luxury drinking experiences to their customers, step up to become World Class bartenders and show in the international scene. Under World Class program, participating bars, restaurants and bartender in Thailand are appointed World Class title – a symbol of curated and refined drinking experience and service. Sophisticated consumers can expect exclusive cocktails by skilled bartenders in a special menu section marked with World Class symbol.


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