Johnnie Walker Launches Limited-Edition Whisky for Thailand (Sponsored)

BANGKOK — Johnnie Walker, the world’s leading Scotch whisky brand, has produced a limited-edition blended whisky for Scotch whisky lovers in Thailand for the first time in the world. The John Walker & Sons – Siam Blend has a remarkably distinctive taste profile that is specially tailored to suit Thai tastes. A total of 50 bottles of the limited edition Scotch whisky have been produced.


Paul Sirisant, Marketing Director of Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand) Co Ltd, the leading importer and distributor of Johnnie walker in Thailand, said: “It’s an auspicious and special occasion that we’ve had the honour of having Jim Beveridge, the top master blender of Johnnie Walker, crafting the most exclusive whisky for Thailand for the first time called The John Walker & Sons – Siam Blend. To produce the special blend with a flavour that is to the taste of Thai lovers of Scotch whisky, the master drew much of his inspiration from different aspects of Thailand’s national identity during his visits to the country. The limited edition is exclusive in its characteristic taste and diverse mix of ingredients and indeed constitutes one of the most exclusive whiskies in the world.”


“Apart from the whisky’s meticulous production process and procedures, we step up the exclusiveness of The John Walker & Sons – Siam Blend by unveiling the product in a ceremony which will be held at the British Embassy in Bangkok. The launch event is designed as a special treat honouring owners of the only 50 bottles of the signature blend available in the world. We are planning a special activity and preparing priceless gifts for the participants as well,” Paul adds.

In 2016, Jim Beveridge, the master blender of Johnnie Walker, took part in a “Signature Blending Whisky” session to create a signature blend with a unique taste for Thai drinkers. The event provided participants with the opportunity to explore a range of whiskies that pleased their palates. The event was designed as an exclusive whisky experience with a selection of finest whiskies introduced during the event coming from the Spirits Library of Johnnie Walker. After the event, the masterblender used the data he gathered from the session to develop a special whisky blend at the Johhnie Walker & Sons distiller in Scotland. When the development of this new blend was complete, the new whisky would be presented in a luxurious Austin crystal decanter set in an elegant veneer wooden box emblazoned with the bottle number and the handwritten name of Jim Beverage to highlight the exclusiveness of the limited edition product in the name of The John Walker & Sons – Siam Blend. Only 50 numbered bottles of the limited edition whisky blend have been produced and are available exclusively at Johnnie Walker Thailand only.


The John Walker & Sons – Siam Blend leads with flavors of fresh orchard fruits and poached pear, characteristic of classic Speyside and Lowland distilleries.  The fruity notes are swiftly followed by a toffee and vanilla sweetness from very mature grain whiskies, which combine with Speyside whiskies matured in American oak casks to give a gentle complexity and wonderful balance. C:\Users\dell\Downloads\khaosodenglish68100\8.jpg

On the palate, layers of honeyed sweetness and waxiness from the Highland whiskies give the fruity characteristics a dimension and additional depth of character.  The finish is sweet and smooth; layers of fruit and butterscotch linger as the aroma of gentle Island smoke and a touch of spice carries forth the perfect length of finish. The whisky is best enjoyed neat or with a dash of water to release aromas.

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Live out the ultimate Scotch whisky experience today with the new exclusive whisky blend The John Walker & Sons – Siam Blend with a distinctive taste profile that is tailored  exclusively for Thailand. For more information, visit

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