King Power Joins Disney to Mark Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary (Sponsored)

BANGKOK — In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, King Power in collaboration with The Walt Disney (Thailand) Company Limited is organising a large-scale program of celebratory activities titled the “King Power and Disney’s Endless Celebrations” campaign from the 2nd November 2018 to the 27th January 2019 at King Power Rangnam. The campaign is designed to bring fun and happiness to all family members, Thais and international guests over a 3-month period from November 2018 to January 2019.

The campaign aims to honour Mickey Mouse’s 90 years of magic. The character made his first appearance in Steamboat Willie, an American animated short film directed by Walt Disney, on the 18th November 1928.

The campaign consists of a range of fun-filled activities at King Power Rangnam which will be transformed into a wonderland. Thailand’s leading stars expected to turn up for the campaign’s grand opening on the 1st November include  Artiwara “Toon” Khongmalai with Ratchwin “Koy” Wongviriya; Pakorn “Boy” Chatborirak with family; close friends Kemisara “Belle” Paladesh and Kanyawee “Thanaerng” Songmuang; Nakorn “Ple” Silachai with his four children August, Orca, Allgood and Allgrace; and Phupoom “Ken” Pongpanupak with Esther Supreeleela. They will be touring the venue’s six zones:


  1. “Celebration Express” is a lovely fun-packed train with the Mickey icon-shaped windows serving as the perfect backdrop for photos. The interior mimics a real train but the windows feature graphic animations of the stunning natural scenery. When on board, one feels as if the train is in motion seemingly on its way to the Mickey & Friends Boulevard.
  1. “Garden of Dreams”, the first Mickey Mouse-themed garden in Thailand set in the middle of Rangnam Road, could pass for a dream land with a field of fresh, colourful and real flowers. Photo spots are provided with different Disney characters and moreover everyone can have fun with the games and activities in the garden.
  1. “Mickey & Friends Boulevard” is designed like a real street complete with shops and activities. Decorations on both sides of the buildings are inspired by some of the Disney characters in amusing antics. These include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Chip and Dale. To entertain visitors, there are activities and workshops open to fans of all sexes and ages. The highlight in the evening is a parade that will create a memorable and impressive experience for all.
  1. “Mickey Hallway” comes alive with a long interactive wall displaying lovely graphics and featuring screens for gamers. The games change according to the theme of each month.

4.1 In November, visitors have fun throwing balls (featuring Disney characters) into a Mickey Mouse-shaped hoop.

4.2 December is a time to make Mickey Mouse-shaped snow models.

4.3 January abounds with prize boxes. When its screen is touched, the box will pop open and set off a few fireworks.

  1. “Mega Store” features licensed merchandise from Disney with special limited-edition collections designed exclusively for the festive season. There will be something for everyone, from kids’ and teenagers’ clothing and toys to luggage covers, backpacks, key chains and miscellaneous accessories. These products will be available for purchase during the celebrations of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary. For the first time, the full-range “Sawasdee” collection of Mickey Mouse products will be offered.
  1. “Mickey Gallery” hosts an art exhibition titled “Welcome Mickey to Thailand” featuring paintings to be created on Mickey Mouse models by Thailand’s well-known artists, A-list entertainers and celebrities to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary.  Mickey Mouse’s birthday (18th November) will see the coming together of Thailand’s best-known celebrities, artists and other personalities for the exhibition. Singer Artiwara “Toon” Khongmalai and his intimate friend Ratchwin “Koy” Wongviriya will join the exhibit of Mickey Mouse models that they paint together. Street and graffiti artists and personalities expected to join the exhibition include Pa Tue (Sombatsara Teerasaroch), Way Thaitanium (Prinya Intachai), Pasinee “Jeep” Kongdechakul, Thirawat “O” Thiankaprasit, Tikkywow (Pichet Rujivararat), Benzilla (Parinya Pichetsiriphorn), Nev3r (Mongkhol Ratanabhakdee), and Anofficerdies (Thitipoom Phetsangkhat).

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The array of engaging activities during the campaign include workshops to create customized Disney-style accessories. A spectacular light and sound show and a 3D projection mapping performance will be staged. On this special occasion, fans will be treated to a wide range of special collections of merchandise including clothing, toys, kitchenware and miscellaneous accessories. The products will be available at all King Power stores, including the Mega Store on Rangnam Road. Like other blue-label products, the merchandise is available for purchase by shoppers without international flight bookings. The highlight is on the 18th November when fans and King Power’s customers have the opportunity to rub shoulders with their favorite Disney friends.


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The day will culminate with a gathering of 1,928 fans who were born in November, an event to set a new Guinness World Record. Together they will blow 1,928 birthday candles in the evening and release 1,928 balloons into the sky to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s big day. Fans are welcome to visit King Power Rangnam for a string of performances and other activities and special meet-and-greet sessions with some of their favourite Disney friends from the 23rd to 25th November.

Fans are invited to come and celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary in this festival of endless magic and indulge in numerous entertaining activities as part the “King Power and Disney’s Endless Celebrations” campaign that runs from the 2nd November 2018 to January 2019 at King Power Rangnam. Admission is free.