Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe pantone

Supporting innovative talent has been part of Hennessy ‘s heritage since its founding in 1765. In 2019, the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone joins a family of groundbreaking artistic partnerships that includes Futura, Shepard Fairey, JonOne and Vhils. Starting of as a graffiti writer, art world phenomenon Felipe Pantone pushed himself into incorporating vintage typography optical art and kinetics into an aesthetic so distinctive it became a manifesto. Today, Felipe Pantone is a world-renowned artistic pioneer. His visual language resonates in a collision of mesmerizing color, bold graphics and 3D illusion, while his technique explores an appreciation of history that is constantly being transformed by forward-looking technology. “My work is informed by the past, but it’s totally contemporary. I like to transcend time through an unexpected experience that you can only have through art. I’m always trying to jump on the next wave, to innovate,” the artist says. For this Hennessy Very Special Limited edition, Felipe Pantone draws on that maxim to create new and unexpected modernity: artworks merge with Hennessy Very Special Cognac to reflect a distinctive, high-energy worldview. “As an artist, it’s important to constantly reinvent yourself if you want to keep the flame alive. In art as in cognac making, what matters is your contribution. It’s never purely about technique, it’s all about innovation.”

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The Hennessy Very Special project with Felipe Pantone celebrates “Remixing the Present”: it is the expression of a shared passion for blending tradition and innovation, for using the old to fashion the new. In that spirit, Felipe Pantone created an original piece of artwork that also informs the design on this limited edition of Hennessy Very Special. Inspired by the past and yet completely contemporary, Pantone’s “W-3 Dimensional Three Stars” is a dizzying landscape of 3D forms and Op Art Motifs done in spray paint on aluminum composite panels. The piece features a black and white background, evoking both vintage computers and QR codes, against which three shining stars burst forth, a reference to the emblem used by Maurice Hennessy. An iridescent lighting bolt splices the canvas, symbolizing the speed of the digital era, Transposed onto the Hennessy Very Special label, it creates ab apt metaphor for Hennessy’s ability to capture momentum through the centuries.