Miss Pichaya Som-Kamolchanok, First Runner-Up “Miss Noppamas,” Says She’s Confident in Goodness and Thinks Loy Krathong Is One of Thailand’s Most Beautiful Festivals

“Loy Krathong is a Thai tradition that has existed since the Sukhothai period. Called ‘floating lanterns’ or ‘lantern lanterns’ it began as a public festival and continues that way. A Miss Noppamas, or Lady Srichulalakam, tradition was added in the reign of Phraya Le Thai, the 4th King of Phra Ruang, known as Noppamas Rewadee, Noppamas, and Thao Sri Chulalak. Another innovation was to create a lotus flower krathong instead of floating lanterns to pay homage to the Buddha’s footprint at Namthanee River in the Thakinabod region of India, now called ‘Neraphuttha River’. The homage was to be paid directly on Wan Phen, or the full moon day of the 12th month, corresponding to the 15th month of the Thai lunar calendar and the Lanna Lunar Calendar, and around November according to the solar calendar.”

“On Loy Krathong Day, beautiful music is heard in the streets accompanied with auspicious theatrical performances. At night, there are fireworks and throughout the day and evening families gather round. At the same time, people in communities work together to organise events. In some areas, merit-making is considered as contributing to the inheritance of Buddhism and a good opportunity to boost environmental conservation campaigns along canals and rivers. Stories continue to be told about Loy Krathong traditions.”


“An educational institution, Navamindradhiraj University, gave me an opportunity to share my specialised Loy Krathong knowledge, culture and skills and this led to making friends with people with a common interest in mental wellbeing among members of society.”

“Loy Krathong traditions that Thai people have carried on for generations continue to be deeply rooted  in attitudes and beliefs associated with Buddhism. Dharma helps to cultivate consciousness and joy in national unity. I thank this educational institution for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event on Monday, November 11, 2562 (BE) and help carry on the wonderful Loy Krathong tradition.”


“With our hands and beautiful krathongs we expressd our respect and gratitude to our benefactors, including The Buddha, the gods, and the Mother of the Ganges. With our elaborately-crafted devotional krathongs, we express our will for peace and unity inspired by The Buddha’s footprint and The Buddha. Each festival eventually passes but their collective meaning, memories and impact form part of our land’s eternal inheritance.”