Soar Through the Trees on the Flying Hanuman in Phuket

Have you ever wanted to soar through the trees under a zipline? If this sounds like your idea of a great afternoon of adventure, visit the Flying Hanuman in Phuket to experience the thrills of flying and observe the natural jungle of Phuket at the same time. 

The Flying Hanuman in Phuket is a series of ziplines that are all interconnected to offer a unique birds-eye view of the lush tropical jungle of the island. You’ll be able to soar among the treetops to view this magnificent jungle from above. The ziplines all begin and end on wooden platforms high in the trees that offer a solid platform on which to catch your breath before taking flight once again as you make your way around the park. 

Eco-friendly Fun Attraction

The jungle of the Flying Hanuman remains almost exactly as it did before construction of the park. By taking care in the installation of the ziplines and platforms, human impact is kept to a minimum. This allows visitors to experience the jungle as it always has existed. 

As the visitors travel mostly on the ziplines, erosion is minimised on the jungle floor. The platforms are also carefully custom-fitted to each living tree to prevent damage to the tree. There was a minimum of drilling during the installation of the platforms to give the trees a long and healthy life. 


Emphasis on Safety

So well-designed, built and maintained is the Flying Hanuman in Phuket, that safety is never an issue. The park welcomes adventurous visitors who are as young as four-years-old. Two guides accompany every group soaring through the trees, one at the beginning of the zipline and one to welcome you to the next platform. These guides are expert operators of the zipline equipment and harnesses, and they are there to ensure that every visitor to the park has the experience of a lifetime. 

The equipment used at the Flying Hanuman has been made by the French company of Petzl, a highly respected manufacturer of quality climbing gear that meets international safety standards. 

The ziplines can hold many tons of weight. They undergo regular inspections for any signs of wear and damage to keep them maintained like new. Each pulley and harness can hold over two tons of weight. With every guest having a double safety mechanism attached to the zipline, your hours of soaring will be in absolute safety. 

Two Choices of Tours


The visitor has two networks of ziplines to choose from at the park. The Full Adventure at Flying Hanuman consists of 28 platforms, 15 ziplines, 2 sky bridges, 2 abseil points, 3 spiral stairways, 1 sky rail and a 20-minute nature walk through the jungle. 

There is also a Discovery Journey with 16 platforms, 8 ziplines, 1 sky bridge, 1 abseil point, 2 spiral stairways and a 20-minute nature walk. For a journey around the courses at Flying Hanuman, adults will pay 2,500 THB for a Full Adventure with a meal and 2,350 for a Full Adventure only. Children are given a discount of 100 THB on the adult price. 

The Discovery Journey costs 1,900 for Adults with children given the same discount of 100 THB. This is a real bargain for a day of fun surrounded by the beautiful jungle nature of Phuket.