AIS presents the AIS eSports STUDIO Area to Support Thai eSports Athletes

Making to compete in the Southeast Asian regional eSports battle

Continuing to support eSports ecosystems and Thai eSports athletes to a global stage, AIS, the real leader of digital networks and services for Thais and esports fans, recently, AIS presents the AIS eSports STUDIO area, which is the first eSports hub community in Southeast Asia to support the AIS eSports Thailand Corporate League 2020 competition, which is the eSports competition of the office people, gamers, including the AIS eSports Thailand Campus Championship 2020, which is the eSports battle of university students by supporting eSports athletes in the final competition to use Digital Infrastructure, which includes AIS 5G, the high-speed network, and AIS Fiber with the maximum speed of 1,000/1,000 Mbps to facilitate athletes to compete in the game on mobile and PC smoothly, without interruption, and advance to unleash the ultimate, unstoppable, and win. Besides, AIS uses a Caster & Production zone with modern production and full equipment to organize live events on high-speed internet networks for eSports fans and gamers to watch and give encouragement to cheer the contestants closely.

The results of the AIS eSports Thailand Corporate League 2020 in the PC game DOTA 2 shows that Sang-U-Sa team from AIS won the championship, while the mobile game PUBGM champion goes to the XO MOTOR team from XO Motor Co., Ltd. and SomboonLampang team from Security Co., Ltd. Somboon Lampang, The Red Tiger team from TAIKI-SHA Company, and the SVEN CLUBS team from TCC Hotel Asset Management Co., Ltd. won the 2nd – 4th place, respectively, total prizes worth more than 246,000 baht.

For the competition, AIS eSports Thailand Campus Championship 2020 in the mobile game MOBILE LEGENDS: BANG BANG, the championship goes to the IDONOTSLEEP team from Bangkok University, total prizes worth more than 65,000 baht. All winners will represent Thailand to participate in the online PVP eSports Community Championship – Regional Finals, the best esports league in Southeast Asia to win prizes worth more than 800,000 baht from 5 – 6 September 2020. Therefore, AIS will open the AIS eSports STUDIO area for the players to use the AIS 5G network, AIS Fiber, and PC gaming in the competition.

Besides, AIS is planning to organize 2 more eSports tournaments in this year to generate a phenomenon that moves the eSports industry continuously, beginning with AIS eSports Thailand Campus Championship 2020 Season 2, which is preparing to accept university students to compete, and AIS eSports Thailand Open Championship, which is the first time in the eSports competition league that is ready for players of all levels, whether pro players or beginners be able to apply for the tournament without limitations. Besides the award money that will be received, the winner of the competition will be able to practice eSports at AIS eSports STUDIO. The eSports hub brings together high-speed internet networks and modern devices to support eSports, primarily to train skills to prepare for the next regional competition. However, you can follow the competition program’s details on the Facebook Fan page: AIS eSports.