CPF Wins “Best CFO in Thailand 2020” Award From Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine

Mr. Paisan Chirakitcharern, chief finance officer of Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CPF), is named “Best CFO in Thailand 2020” at the Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine’s 10th Annual Institutional Investor Awards for Corporates.

The award was based on the magazine’s “Southeast Asia’s Institutional Investor Corporate Poll”.

“I’m delighted, not for myself but the organization. I just represented the organization when I was on the stage and to receive this prestigious award, which reflects support from all CPF people around the world,” Mr. Paisan said in an interview.

In the interview, he said as a CFO, he sees financial and human resource preparations are the heart of successful financial administration and business operation. A company can achieve nothing with just human resources without money. Likewise, a company cannot grow if having just money without the right human resources. In this regard, all members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board deserve the credits for their emphasis on both finances and human resources, which has contributed to continous corporate growth. In times of crisis, CPF shows all how ready it is in terms of finances and human resources.



“We need to know the business we are in and its key success factors. The finance department’s duty is to provide funding to help the organization reach the targeted goal. Meanwhile, as operational details change on a daily basis, we must stand ready for changes and dare to change. And that is one of the corporate values, CPF Way, and the first priority of my task.

“Working with new generations, we must be their role model and understand them. Young people today perceive things differently from people in my age. People in my age find it very difficult to quit as they fret about criticisms. But young people are ready to change jobs. We must realize the difference and there must be a stage where they can show their capabilities. This is the most important.”

Based on the poll, CPF won 4 more awards: Best Senior Management IR Support, Strongest Adherence to Corporate Governance, Most Consistent Dividend Policy and Best Strategic CSR.