NKT Automatic Bagging Machines for Sale

NKT has automatic bagging machines for sale that ease the workload for many types of industries all across Thailand. With the increased competitiveness of the world’s economy today, every company needs to explore its processes in an effort to streamline their production, improve efficiency and cut costs.

The automatic bagging machines for sale from NKT can help many companies in the business of selling fine-grained products achieve all three of these goals.

Streamline Your Production Process

By packaging food materials like rice, tapioca, flour and spices, you can ensure greater compliance with hygienic standards. Besides filling PE, PP woven, or Kraft paper bags with a specified amount or weight of the product, these bagging machines also automatically close the bag. This ensures that no contaminants can enter the bag. Bags no longer remain open to the elements until they can be manually closed by hand.

Non-food production lines also benefit from the introduction of automatic bagging machines. These machines cut down on spillage and wasted material and ensure you’re maximizing your profits as much as possible.


Improve the Efficiency of Your Company’s Operations

Anytime you can automate any step of your production process, you improve the efficiency and the overall cost-effectiveness of your operation. With fewer people having to deal with the bagging process, they can be deployed to other, more labour-intensive jobs.

The quantity of moisture in your product also affects its weight efficiency in packaging. With an automatic bagging machine, you’re able to quickly and uniformly make adjustments to the weight and quantity being added to each bag to ensure the moisture content is being accounted for.

Increase Profits by Cutting Costs

By purchasing an automatic bagging machine for sale, you also help cut costs. Overages and underages that may be unaccounted for in a manual bagging process become a thing of the past. By knowing exactly how much product is shipped, you maintain better control over your finances and can make quarterly projections with a greater sense of confidence.

Cleaning up spillages that can slow down your production line, also become a thing of the past. By reducing costly spills and accidents, you can maintain a steady production rate that’s cost-efficient.

NKT Provides Versatility to Your Operations


In addition to automatic bagging machines for sale, NKT also has other systems that can be combined and configured to suit your production process. Weighing machines, conveyor systems, and product silos an all enhance your production capabilities and speed up your operations.

Robotics is also being used more and more in industries other than the automotive industry. NKT offers robot palletizer systems that lessen the dangers and risks of stacking and moving heavy pallets by hand.

Automation should be a goal of any industry that deals in fine-grained products. These can include food items as well as plastic pellets, packaging materials and industrial powders. The fine-grained properties of these materials are well-served by an automated production process.