Carabao Tawandang honoured for Chachoengsao Labour Management Excellence Award 2021

Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd., has won two labour management excellence awards for 2021 from Chachoengsao Province. The accolades bestowed to the manufacturer of Carabao Dang energy drink are the Thai Labour Standard Award (TLS 8001-263) and the Good Labour Practices Award (GLP).

Mr Kamoldist Smuthkochorn, Chief Operations Officer at Carabao Group PLC, said the awards underscore the norms of labour practices that show social responsibility by focusing on creating a management system capable of dealing with changes that occur both from internal and external factors affecting the operations.

The management system is clearly defined and prioritises human rights, employment conditions, welfare and safety and occupational health in the working environment – all conducive to raising the quality of working life sustainably.

The ceremony for Chachoengsao Labour Management Excellence Awards 2021 was held on 21 September 2021 and was presided over by Chachoengsao Governor Maitree Tritilanan.  In attendance was Prasit Patangkaro of the Office  of Labour Protection and Welfare, Chachoengsao Province, along with relevant government agencies, companies and educational institutions.


The annual awards are organised by the Office of Labour Protection and Welfare, Chachoengsao Province, to honour business establishments located in the province for their good management.

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Mr Kamoldist said that in addition to the labour standards that the company has been vigorously implementing, Carabao Tawandang has also attached importance to helping communities around Bang Pakong District where its manufacturing facilities are located.

The company has conducted several social activities such as providing scholarships to schools in its neighbourhood, promoting education, music and sports. Its support of sports activities includes football coaching and the provision of sports equipment. These activities form part of the company’s endeavour to improve the quality of life for society and communities around Bang Pakong District.

Carabao Tawandang is the beverage production arm of the Carabao Group with all of its facilities covering a total area of 180 rai in Bang Pakong District. The facilities consist of a glass bottle production factory known as APG, an energy drink bottling plant (CBD), an aluminium can production plant (ACM) and a packaging production plant producing boxes, labels and transparent film (APM).  These plants form Carabao’s integrated production process of beverages which are shipped across Thailand and exported to more than 40 countries around the world.


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