Carabao Extends Carabao Cup Contract for Three More Years, Expanding Global Reach of Its Beverage Brand

Carabao has partnered with Thairath TV and TikTok to bring the live broadcast of the Carabao Cup 2023/24 to Thai audiences, allowing them to watch the matches for free.

Carabao Group Public Company Limited has recently announced the renewal of its official sponsorship contract for an additional three years for the Carabao Cup, a renowned football tournament in England that is celebrated by football enthusiasts worldwide and in Thailand. This contract extension underscores Carabao’s commitment to its vision of “World-class Products, World-class Brand.”

In a strategic move to expand its fan base and reach a new generation of viewers across the nation, the brand has forged partnerships with major media players Thairath TV and TikTok to offer free live broadcasts of the Carabao Cup 2023/24 football matches for the Thai audience. 


Mr.Kamoldist Smuthkochorn, Deputy Managing Director of the Marketing Division at Carabao Group Public Company Limited, has announced the company’s decision to extend its main sponsorship contract for the Carabao Cup football competition with the English Football League (EFL) for an additional three years. This extension will continue the partnership beyond the current term, which has been set to conclude in 2024. This extension secures Carabao as the primary sponsor of the Carabao Cup until 2027, further aligning with the company’s sports marketing strategy driven by the vision of “World-class Products, World-class Brand.” through the focus on football, which is the world’s most popular sport.

With this contract renewal, Carabao will become the brand supporting the EFL in organizing this world-class football competition for the longest duration in history—10 seasons spanning from 2017 to 2027. This achievement is a source of pride as a Thai brand that has successfully transformed into a world-class brand.

“The extension of our title sponsorship contract for an additional three years underscores our unwavering dedication to elevating the Carabao brand to a new level of excellence. The support requires continuity through the universally beloved sport of football. Our sponsorship for the Carabao Cup exemplifies our commitment to utilizing sports marketing as a tool to establish Carabao as a genuinely world-class beverage brand,” said Kamoldist. 

He added, “Beyond being a sponsor of the Carabao Cup, Carabao has partnered with the EFL to foster and lay the groundwork for the Thai football industry through the Carabao Sports initiative. This initiative comprises several projects, including the ‘Carabao Coach the Coaches’ project, aimed at imparting international-level football expertise to the Thai football industry. We’ve collaborated with football coaches from English league clubs, leveraging their skills and experience to share their football training techniques with coaches of Thai youth teams. This initiative aims to elevate the level of coaching, bolster potential, and transfer valuable knowledge to the Thai youth.”

He further elaborated, “Those who successfully complete this program will attain football coaching skills that meet world-class standards, enabling them to nurture and train young players, preparing them for potential careers as professional athletes in the future.

Additionally, we’ve initiated the ‘Carabao Grassroots Football’ project, which aims to supply football equipment to underprivileged youth. We have also invited coaches from the ‘Carabao Coach the Coaches’ project to share their knowledge, skills, and techniques with young players.”

Furthermore, to sustain the enthusiasm generated by this year’s Carabao Cup, Carabao Group has partnered with Kool Supporters Group Company Limited to host the Carabao 7-a-Side Cup 2023, a 7-a-side football tournament of national significance. This competition, now in its second year, offers an opportunity for passionate football enthusiasts to participate in national-level contests.

The qualifying round is scheduled to take place in each region from August 5 to November 19, 2023, comprising a total of 32 pitches held nationwide. This marks a significant doubling in size compared to the 16 pitches held last year, aimed at expanding the reach to football players across the country.

A key highlight of the competition is the quest to identify the best national champion team of the Carabao 7-a-Side Cup 2023. The ultimate prize for this team is an exciting opportunity to fly to London and witness the final round of the Carabao Cup for the 2023/24 season up close.

Kamoldist said, “Our sports-related projects, particularly in football, are part of a long-term commitment that will continue into the future. In the upcoming year, we plan to expand these initiatives on a larger scale than ever before. This expansion is aimed at reaching a broader audience of football fans and consumers throughout the nation. It’s all part of our ongoing sports marketing strategy, which is designed to enhance the visibility of the Carabao brand, both within Thailand and on a global presence.”

In a bid to heighten excitement for this year’s Carabao Cup and attract a broader audience, especially among the newer generations across the nation, the company has formed an alliance with major media players Thairath TV and TikTok. Together, they will live-stream the Carabao Cup 2023/24 football matches for Thai audiences, providing free access to watch the games all the way through to the final round. 

Mr.Vatchara Vatcharapol, the Chief Executive Officer of Thairath TV and Thairath Online, said, “Thairath, as a leading media outlet in Thailand, has consistently prioritized live sports broadcasting. We always select and deliver content that aligns with the interests of the Thai people.

Currently, Thairath is delighted to be the official broadcaster, providing high-quality live broadcasts of the Carabao Cup football matches for Thai enthusiasts to cheer on. These exciting matches can be viewed on Thairath TV (Channel 32) and TikTok: @Thairath_Sport. The live broadcasts started from Round 3 on September 27 and will continue until the finals in February next year, covering a total of 12 matches until the Carabao Cup competition crowns its champion.”

“Definitely, Thairath is dedicated to creating engaging content to please football fans. One such program is ‘Nak Su Carabao’ (Carabao Fighters), a special segment as part of the news program on Thairath Noontime News. This program offers regular updates on every aspect of the Carabao Cup every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Moreover, Thairath Online features special sections and content focused on the Carabao Cup. Live sports news updates can also be accessed through ‘Thairath Tells Sports News’ on Facebook: Thairath Sport and special content via TikTok: @Thairath_Sport.”

Mr.Namon Tingsabhat, Sports & Gaming Operations Lead -Thailand ,TikTok, expressed the company’s honor in being a partner for the broadcast of the Carabao Cup 2023/24. This partnership is rooted in the recognition that sports content is a swiftly growing category that captivates TikTok users. 

He said, “This partnership marks the first occasion for Thai viewers to watch live broadcasts of world-class football matches via the TikTok platform. It provides an exciting opportunity for fans to support their beloved football teams in real-time, all the way from England. In addition, the collaboration includes insightful content from TikTok creators and highlights from the competition, available on TikTok: @Thairath_Sport. This content is curated for football enthusiasts to closely follow and engage with throughout the season.”


The Carabao Cup holds a special place as a well-established and prestigious football competition in England. It features a total of 92 clubs, comprising 20 from the Premier League and 72 from the English Football League, including the Championship, League One, and League Two. This contributes to the competition’s diverse and captivating nature, as it brings together clubs of varying sizes. The Carabao Cup plays a vital role in adding vibrancy to the world of English football and provides an exciting spectacle for football fans across the globe.

“The Carabao Cup not only contributes to elevating the Carabao brand to a global level while establishing its standout position in Thailand, but it also represents a significant milestone and challenge in marketing a Thai brand to attain international recognition,” said Kamoldist.

“This marks the seventh year of Carabao Group’s corporate branding and product promotion through its association with the Carabao Cup in the British and European markets. This ongoing commitment underscores the organization’s commitment to leveraging sports marketing as a strategic approach to establish its image as a world-class beverage brand.”