Injection Molding Screw Cleaning Improves Your Results

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Improve Results with Injection Molding Screw Cleaning

Maintaining a production schedule in the injection molding industry means you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle to keep your machines clean and maintained. The battle just became a little easier with the injection molding screw cleaning ability of the purging products from X PURGE. 

As polymers and plastics are formulated to offer greater than ever capabilities, engineers have introduced them as the materials of choice for a growing number of products. But injection molding and extrusion molding machines represent a sizable investment for a company. They have to be kept as clean as possible to meet the demands for ever closer tolerances and specifications of the parts they’re manufacturing.


Efficient Operations Demand a Balance

This increase in the value and complexity of the products your company produces means that maintaining your machines has become even more crucial to your operation. Yet, at the same time, your customers are asking you to increase production speed and volume. 

Some factories still diligently strip down their machines on a regular basis and perform a thorough cleaning of all the parts that come into contact with the plastics and polymers. This practice prolongs the life of the machine and ensures the quality of the parts it produces. Still, managers who adhere to this maintenance method often wonder how it’s affecting their profit margin, not to mention their reputation for keeping up with the customer’s production schedules. 

Every injection molding facility represents a step in their customer’s overall production schedule. You have to strike a balance between the need to maintain your own machines and the need to respond to your customer’s needs. 

Solution to Your Maintenance Needs

What has been needed is a product that allows you to satisfy both of these pressing needs, and now X PURGE has solved the scheduling and maintenance problems of the injection and extrusion molding facility. 

They’ve created a range of products that behave like the plastics and polymers, but by introducing them into your machines, it cleans the machines of any molding residue quickly and easily. 


The purging materials by X PURGE work on two levels. The material is formulated to physically rid your machines of contaminants that would cause products to fail inspection and be unusable. But the X PURGE products make the cleaning a step further and clean the walls, barrels, screws, and hard-to-reach areas of the machine and remove the residue deposits completely. And it accomplishes this without harming the machine surfaces. Even residue that has been in hard-to-reach places for some time responds to the chemical cleaning power of the X PURGE products.

With the speed and thoroughness of the products, you can increase the volume of your facility’s production and take on complex jobs that demand perfectly clean machines without worry. 

There are three grades of purging compounds to choose from that support the different needs of our customers. GX168 is our general-purpose grade purging compound, EX207 is our high-heat resistant compound, and PX319 offers low smoke and smell cleaning. Contact us today to see which is right for your injection molding machines to improve your product results.