Let Your Kids Celebrate the Converse Name

Have Your Kids Celebrate the Converse Name 

Long before Reebok, Puma, and Nike paid sports stars millions, Converse was the best-known athletic shoe around. The Converse Rubber Shoe Company has been manufacturing their distinctive footwear since 1908, when they opened for business in Maiden, Massachusetts in the US. Converse is the choice of kids and adults who love the iconic styling. 

Today, they churn out the same style of shoes as they sold in 1915 when they branched out from the winter-proof rubber shoes and boots they were selling and introduced a lightweight sports shoe into the market. 

Six years after they came out with their sports shoe, a young basketball player walked into their shop, complaining of sore feet. Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor was offered a job by Marquis Mills Converse, the founder and owner of the company.  


What he saw in Chuck was a personable, talented and athletic young man who’d be able to act as a salesman and ambassador for the company’s unique (at the time) high-topped athletic shoes. Chuck became synonymous with Converse shoes, and he travelled all over the US, singing the praises of the product and becoming their main demonstration model. 

In 1932, as a reward for his years of hard work and loyalty to the company, he was immortalized and honoured by having his name added onto the logo emblazoning each pair of the shoes. Today, people who don’t know their basketball or athletic shoe history can be forgiven for thinking he was a famous professional basketball player.  

As the shoes became popular with professional athletes and young kids alike, they became known as “Chuck Taylors” to gym rats all over the world. Converse also famously made customized shoes for the New York Renaissance, the first successful all African-American professional basketball team in the US. 

Converse became even more revered and popular when basketball icon Wilt Chamberlain wore a pair of Chuck Taylors when he scored 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors in Hershey, Pennsylvania, back in 1962. 

Converse for Kids

The brand has always stood by its design and always featured a pair of plain black high-tops as the defining, iconic of the quintessential Chuck Taylors.  

Maybe the iconic and rebellious image of this iconoclastic athletic shoe and somewhat retro look that is the opposite of all the multi-colored athletic shoes is what has held kid’s fascination and reverence for the style of a pair of “Chucks”. For many kids, their first pair of Chucks was a proud occasion, and many kids hated to be seen in any other kind of shoe. 


Keeping the Tradition Alive

Parents in Malaysia can help keep the Converse tradition alive with the kid’s clothing offered by Rookie. The brand has branched out and introduced a line of children’s clothing that features bold graphics and bright colors. The star logo of the company and Chuck Taylor’s name further honors the Converse legacy. 

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