Benevolence for livable society guides Positif’s business practice

Turn Thailand into a livable society with people having good wishes, being generous, ready to share and helping one another to create happiness for all. This is the mission that Mr.Marachai Kongboonma, President of KBM Goodwill Co., Ltd., has staunchly embraced for the business of Positif skincare products and high quality food supplements. The Positif brand is all about the passing of good feelings, letting everyone appreciate their values and those around them to create a society of positive thinking.

The company believes that when ‘Everyone has their own values’ they and the society as a whole can live happily.  With that intention in mind, the company has deducted 1% of sales from all channels to support the project of the Dharma Nam Thai Foundation to assist children, the elderly, the handicapped and the disadvantaged in society.

Ms.Preyanee Kongboonma, Executive Vice President of KBM Goodwill, Co.,Ltd. said the company’s benevolence to the society also reflects its approach to research and development of products under the Positif brand which attaches importance to quality, in terms of sourcing of raw materials, production process and environmental friendliness.  Products are formulated to best suit most Thai people. The Positif branded products are all made and imported from Japan.  In the future, the company is open to selecting high quality raw materials from around the world to provide the best products to consumers, she said.image3 3

Mr.Prasong Rungsmaithong, Executive Director of KBM Goodwill Co.,Ltd., pointed out that the company’s commitment to developing high quality products to deliver the best to consumers is the key to building the Positif brand. The company wants to pass on good physical and mental health to everyone through the ‘It’s Real You!’ slogan. The message seeks to let people be aware of their own values and delivering positive energy to everyone in the society. The company also created a song called  “It’s Real You!” to communicate this idea. The song was sung by ‘Pimrypie’ and released as a MV on 16 December 2021, which received great feedback with more than 800,000 views so far. 


In addition, to reinforce the brand’s slogan to be more prominent in the minds of consumers, the company also communicated the idea through the TV programme called Positif Sunday. Broadcast every Sunday on Amarin TV HD Channel 34 at 4:25 p.m., the programme is the collaboration between the Positif and Amarin TV to inspire viewers about overcoming various obstacles and problems on lives. This programme has Boy Sincharoen, a good-humoured member of Sincharoen Brothers band, as the MC. Furthermore, there is a TV show called ‘Jaan Ni Dee Jung Health Me Dish’ as the collaboration with the Amarin TV and broadcasting every Saturday at 2:20 p.m. This is a health education programme presented in the form of a cooking lesson as Positif believes that up to 70% of good health is derived from good Food. This programme is run by three personalities — Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kornpat Mayurasakorn from Siriraj Hospital; Angkana Panyanoi, aka Ang Khon Plaeng Rang; and Samita Thanasopon, aka Chef Namtoey, of Chikalicious, who share their knowledge about delicious food.image2 3

Ms.Romchat Tongpunoi, General Manager of KBM Goodwill Co.Ltd., noted that Positif products now come in two lines, skin care and dietary supplement products. This year, the company plans to launch new products continuously to create diversity and meet the needs of consumers even more. Currently, the skincare group features 15 items, comprising facial cleansing products, facial treatments and sunscreens. Among them are: Positif Phyto Crystal Purifying Cleansing Oil, the innovative warm facial cleansing oil extracted from 100% avocado combining the value of Royal Jelly, and Phyto Complex 8 that is extracted from eight kinds of plant found in Japan. For the dietary supplement group, which is 100% produced and imported from Japan, there are three categories, namely collagen, lycopene and flaxseed oil. For instance, Positif Collagen contains collagen, peptides and marine collagen hydrolysed and extracted from sea fish combined with vitamins C and B2 in the same tablet. This product is good for joints, skin, hair and nails.

Ms Romchat added that the company will this year strengthen its distribution channels by raising the number of dealers to 1,000 from 300 at present. Last year saw the company focussing mainly on distribution through online channels and social commerce including Line, Facebook, IG and famous online shopping platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, as well as large online retailers such as Konvy, Shop24 and King Power. here were also two major partners in distributing products. For 2022, the company aims to expand the business both online and offline. “By online, we want to penetrate every channel, especially those related to health sector to create opportunities for consumers to access Positif products as easily and conveniently as possible.”

 The company will also seek to strengthen its offline channels such as pharmacies and health care outlets.image5 4


The company is seeking to expand its dealerships by means of ‘Dropship’ to provide opportunities for those who wish to build their own business.

 By that format, those representatives will be taken care of directly by the company in terms of consultation on strategies, sales methods and various matters as if they were employees of the company. Trainings from various coaches are made available them to help arming them so that everyone gets to the target faster. “We are looking for partners with expertise in the business and seeing the importance of giving and passing on to come together to do business to make our country a livable society,  jointly building a business to grow along with sharing to society at the same time,” she concluded.

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