The World Depends on Electric Wire Manufacturers 

We Depend on Electric Wire Manufacturers

Electric wire manufacturers help provide one of the world’s most valued commodities. The modern world could not exist without a steady stream of electrical power. That steady stream continues to grow and puts ever-increasing demands on every city’s electrical infrastructure. 

But while machines break down from time to time, and hardware and software are both found to be faulty and unreliable at times, the conduits, wires, and cables that provide power to the world’s machines and installations seem to work flawlessly and consistently. 

Failure is Not an Option


Some people in some occupations just have a different mindset in going about the work they do. These types of occupations include the electrical designers and engineers who manufacture electric wire. 

Working with electrical power is an exacting science that soon teaches you the concept of “failure is not an option”. Electric wire and cables are designed to carry a certain electrical load and have some additional “headroom” that allows for surges without overheating and causing failures that could threaten machines, structures, and human lives. 

As inventors, engineers and designers continue to advance the state of technology in many industries, manufacturers are quietly rising to the challenge and providing them with the wires and cables rated for the correct load that can provide suitable power for these creations. They’ve been doing this since the dawn of the industrial revolution. 

Quality, Variety and Sustainability

The quality of the electric wires and cables they produce has been refined over the years so much that engineers, regulatory agencies, and homeowners never question the integrity of the products produced by the manufacturers. They adhere rigidly to standards that have been designed to protect both property and people from destruction and injury. 

The variety of these products continues to grow and expand with the technology being developed and introduced every year. The manufacturers look at the demands of technology as new standards of excellence to achieve in meeting the power demands of the new applications.

A new standard is starting to be enforced as well. Companies all across the industrial spectrum are looking at their processes and products in search of methods that could improve the sustainability of their sector of industry. 


The people who work in these industries have a personal stake in increasing the sustainability of their processes and products. Many of them have families, and they want their children to grow up and prosper in a healthy world. They’re doing their part to increase the sustainability of their products. But this means making their products more efficient in the way they transfer electricity. Conserving electricity is also an aspect of sustainability, and educating the public about conservation is a responsibility that can’t be ignored. 

BCC Practices Corporate Responsibility

BCC has been an electric cable and wire manufacturer for more than fifty years, since 1964. We fully understand the way we conduct our operations can affect the well-being of the environment and society. We’ve launched several community projects that provide community activities, educational support, and environmental conservation by providing our products to benefit the public in support of charitable activities. We strive to be a positive part of the Thailand community.