Blue Tree Phuket has launched the “I DID IT” series 2023

To prepare kids for the “Pho3nix Kids Triathlon 2023”, which will be held on Saturday 18 November 2023 at Blue Tree Phuket.

Blue Tree Phuket has launched the “I DID IT” series 2023, a kids training triathlon series consisting of swimming, cycling, and running events with the first race happening on Saturday 28th January and with races happening throughout the year until November.

Blue Tree is passionate about health and sports and getting the younger generation active and giving them a good grounding to pursue their sporting dreams, and this is one of Blue Tree’s core values. With this in mind, the expert coaches and trainers at Blue Tree have developed the “I DID IT” triathlon series.


The “I DID IT” series, offers a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for kids as young as five to race and get those fundamental triathlon skills of swimming, biking, and running. For some of the kids, this will be their first triathlon racing experience, and the expert health and sports coaches at Blue Tree Phuket will help them evolve from total beginners into triathletes. 

What’s more, the top ten participants of the “I DID IT” series 2023, with the highest cumulative scores for both male and female categories will be eligible to join the Pho3nix Kids Triathlon 2023 at no cost!

“Blue Tree Phuket is Phuket’s must visit destination, an entertainment hub with all thrill-and-chill activities.” Said Mr. Paolo Randall, Deputy Managing Director of Blue Tree Phuket, “and giving the importance to health and sports for the younger generation and our ongoing sponsorship for the Pho3nix Kids Triathlon, we have created the ‘I DID IT’ series 2023, which is a fantastic opportunity to lay a foundation of physical training for kids and to get them ready before entering the full Pho3nix Kids Triathlon in November.” Mr. Randall went on, “The ‘I DID IT’ series is divided into 5 races. Each time participants will compete in a different discipline, which will help them develop the skills needed for the full “Pho3nix Kids Triathlon 2023”, being held at Blue Tree in November.”

The “I DID IT SERIES 2023” activity is divided into 5 races:
–           Sat 28 January 2023:      Running Race
–           Sat 10 June 2023:           Mountain Bike Race
–           Sat 19 August 2023:       Duathlon (biking and running)
–           Sat 16 September 2023: Swimming Race
–           Sat 14 October 2023:      Aquathlon (swimming and running)

Online application for I DID IT SERIES 2023 is available now at 

For more information, please visit:


Or call 096-6528090, 092-1352662 and 076-602435.

– All participants in “I DID IT SERIES 2023” will get “Finisher” t-shirt for each race.
– Winners of each race will get trophies.

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