Yona Beach Club Sets Sail for Debut Amidst Lush Surroundings off Phuket

World’s First Floating Beach Club a man-made picturesque oasis in which to rejuvenate, be entertained, and share extraordinary hospitality adventures

Bangkok/Phuket, Thailand, 3 August, 2023 – Yona Beach Club, a one-of-a-kind multi-level boat and floating beach club, is ready to make its debut in Phuket, Thailand. YONA will set sail to greet guests on 8th August in the East of Phuket, in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. 

From this magical seat amidst the lapping of the gentle waves and backdrop of lush beaches, guests will be greeted with a transcendental lifestyle and F&B experience. It promises to give YONA voyagers a chance to immerse themselves in one of life’s most unforgettable moments on a 1200m2 state-of-the-art maritime engineering marvel.

Created to be “An Oasis At The Middle Of The Sea”, YONA is an inspired social space, and the perfect host for unforgettable private events. It features a breathtaking 22-meter infinity pool, private cabanas, daybeds, and an exquisite restaurant. YONA exudes a vibrant, sophisticated, and timeless atmosphere, providing a panoramic 360-degree view of the ocean.


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The Management of YONA Beach Club, for whom this has been a labor of love, introduced the concept, saying, “YONA Beach Club invites you to indulge in an extraordinary journey; a multi-sensory voyage into a paradisiacal setting with the ever-moving backdrop of the Andaman and its mesmerizing cerulean waters. YONA offers the idyllic haven to refresh the soul, whether at the infinity pool, basking in the sun on a luxurious comfortable bed, or saluting the sunset with a choice of world-class cocktails.”

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YONA caters to demanding international and domestic travelers seeking a genuine experience unlike any other. The YONA team has worked tirelessly to hone a detail-oriented, consistent and human-centric guest experience. It has been a colossal endeavor to get here, but YONA is finally ready for its exclusive unveiling. 

A shuttle service will connect to YONA on the 8th of August, collecting guests from Royal Phuket Marina (Eastern Phuket). Guests can easily access YONA via this  regular and convenient shuttle service directly from the Marina itself. Before departure, seamless check-in procedures and safety briefings ensure an amazing and worry-free experience for all guests. Safety is a top priority for YONA, and its highly-experienced and thoroughly-trained crew comply with all local and international maritime safety and seafaring standards, ensuring a secure voyage for every guest.

Guests can book tickets at www.yonabeach.com 

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Culinary Excellence in Paradise, and Impeccable Beverage Offerings

The culinary experience at YONA reflects coastal cuisine, incorporating Mediterranean, Japanese, and Pan-Asian dishes. With a focus on fresh, seasonal, and soulful flavors, the dishes embrace the simplicity of local ingredients, creating a delightful sharing-style dining experience. YONA becomes the ultimate dining destination, treating guests to a selection of delicious culinary creations by YONA’s executive chef, which completes the feel of being ‘at one with paradise’.

In keeping with a passion for life and great moments, YONA also showcases a carefully-selected beverage offering, featuring meticulously-crafted cocktails, champagnes, wines, and spirits. YONA mixologists have curated a selection of libations to satisfy the most discerning palates. 

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View the menu for Exclusive Opening (8th August, 2023) here:


The beach club’s service-obsessed rituals combined with relaxed atmosphere place bottle service at center stage, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy the outstanding drinks. “Impeccable service” are the golden words, and YONA’s dedicated team takes pride in providing warm, personalized experiences, valuing human connections and relationships.

For more information, or to make booking reservations and enquiries, please visit www.yonabeach.com

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 12 – 7 pm daily. Closed on Mondays. Age Policy: 14 Years and Above


YONA is the “World’s First Floating Beach Club”, a decadent oasis in the heart of paradise, built on a 1200m2 state-of-the-art boat.

Guests can transcend any moment in time and enjoy the best day of their lives, relishing the 22-meter-long infinity pool, private cabanas, daybeds and restaurant, in an upbeat, tasteful, and timeless atmosphere. YONA is a unique backdrop and versatile space for the most special celebrations and the perfect canvas to host a wide range of private events. 

YONA’s food direction evokes a “Coastal Cuisine”, and encompasses a range of Mediterranean, Thai, and Japanese offerings. It’s characterized by fresh, seasonal, and soulful flavors. All dishes allow the simplicity of ingredients to shine through, whilst lending themselves to the sharing style of dining.

YONA’s team strives to offer a commendable level of personalized service. The team also believes that providing a detail-oriented, consistent, and genuine experience starts with human contact and relationships.

About YONA’s Commitment to Sustainability and Heritage


Driven by an eco-conscious vision, YONA prioritizes responsibility and sustainability in its daily operations. The beach club implements diligent waste management, recycling, and water treatment policies. Ecology and the protection of nature and wildlife in Thailand are subjects that are particularly close to YONA’s heart; we are passionately committed to preserving this beautiful heritage.

Despite the challenges faced during development and subsequent delays, YONA’s unwavering determination and support from relevant authorities and the public have kept the dream alive. Now, the anticipation is real, as YONA prepares to set itself apart on the international stage, further enhancing Phuket and Thailand’s distinctiveness.

Secure your table now at yonabeach.com and be among the first to experience “The World’s First Floating Beach Club.”