CP Foods Wins AsiaStar Packaging Award for Innovative Eco-Friendly Design

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) was recognized at the AsiaStar Packaging Awards 2022, securing an award in the Transportation Packaging category.

Presented by the Asian Packaging Federation, this accolade acknowledges the company’s innovative approach to redesigning packaging for its Flamin’ Chicken Tenders, ready to eat and export product.

This eco-friendly design features a 40% reduction in paper usage to minimize environmental impact while ensuring strength and durability. These efforts promote waste reduction and sustainability.

Kitti Wangwiwatsilp, Director of Strategic Packaging R&D and Innovation at CP Foods, stated, “Our journey in packaging innovation revolves around consumers and our planet. Our vision drives us to create packaging that conserves resources while ensuring food safety and shelf life.”

Providing further details about the packaging for Flamin’ Chicken Tenders, Mr. Kitti emphasized its sustainable design, which reduces paper consumption by 40% while maintaining durability during transport, and is tailored for store display functionality (Shelf Ready Packaging).

This design successfully combines functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Notably, this new packaging solution results in a reduction of 165.9 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to nurturing 2,743 tons of trees for ten years or saving 277,225 kWh of energy. Such accomplishments underscore CP Foods’ esteemed position at the AsiaStar Packaging regional awards.

Mr. Kitti further emphasized, “This honor reflects CP Foods’ commitment to creating and managing sustainable packaging. We perpetually strive to enhance resource efficiency, cut down on material consumption, and elevate recyclability, ensuring we cater to the needs of our partners and consumers.”

Beyond the AsiaStar Packaging Awards, the sustainable design for Flamin Chicken Tenders has also garnered appreciation at the ThaiStar Packaging Awards 2022 and The Asian Export Awards 2021. Such accolades highlight CP Foods’ prowess in the export sector, exemplifying a comprehensive sustainable production approach that harmonizes economic, societal, and environmental considerations.