BKK Food Bank Comes to Life, Connects Donors with Vulnerable Communities

BKK Food Bank, a beautiful meeting point for those who want to share with those in need, is now open in 30 districts.

 “The BKK Food Bank project is a project that brings together the objectives of those who want to share with those in need. Which will make our society better We do it in a supermarket format. There is a system for accumulating points. Let those in need bring their points to exchange for products that meet their needs. Thanks to the donors as well.”

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Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok Speaking on the occasion of presiding over the opening ceremony of BKK Food Bank, Din Daeng District, with Mrs. Anong Pechtat Member of BMC Din Daeng District, and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration administrators, attending the ceremony at the Din Daeng District Office.


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Mr. Chadchart presided over the opening ceremony of the BKK Food Bank, Din Daeng District on July 6, with Mrs. Anong Pechtat Member of BMC Din Daeng District, Mr. Pornphrom Vikitsreth, Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok and the first Chief Sustainability Officer of the BMA Executives and officials of the Din Daeng District Office The Social Development Office, donors and vulnerable people attended the ceremony at the Din Daeng District Office.

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The BKK Food Bank project delivers surplus food to vulnerable groups in a concrete way. It is a collaboration between Bangkok Scholars of Sustainability Foundation (SOS) and VV Share Foundation to solve the problem of food waste. That may cause both environmental and economic damage. To be passed on to those in need.

Vulnerable group groups of poor people or people affected by disasters and public disasters in emergencies Create a mechanism for transferring assistance between donors and recipients sustainably. It is carried out in 2 formats as follows:

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Model 1: The district office is the recipient – forwards surplus food from sharers and provides assistance to vulnerable groups in the area. There is systematic reporting. In cooperation with the foundation that works with surplus food. Currently, operations have begun in 37 districts for the Din Daeng District. The project started operating on March 19, 2024 to date, receiving products from 21 convenience store branches in the area.

To deliver food to vulnerable groups both in the community and outside the community in the Din Daeng area. A total of 3,394 people have been forwarded, representing a weight of 2,054.17 kilograms of donated food. The amount of carbon reduced is 5,197.04 kgCO2e (kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent).


Model 2: Establish BKK Food Bank, District Office, as a place to receive and distribute food. Consumer goods Necessary items for living (Goods Donation) and pass them on to the recipient. (Target group) where the district office is responsible for evaluating and rating recipients. (Target group) for recipients (Target group) Use the points received to exchange for items from BKK Food Bank.

It has opened in 29 districts, Din Daeng District being the 30th district and will next open every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Those wishing to donate consumer items to BKK Food Bank can contact every district office.