BMA, OTP, and Thai Smile Bus Share Data in Public Transport Boost

BMA – Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning – Thai Smile Bus” Deal!!  Link information on bus stops Hoping to attract more people to use public transportation.

Assoc. Prof. Wisanu Subsompon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation for linking public transport travel data in the Bangkok area to share, exchange, and link information between government agencies and private

Focus on providing maximum benefit to the people. And promote increased use of public transportation. The executive team from the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport, and Thai Smile Bus Company Limited (TSB) attended the signing at BMA City Hall, Giant Swing.

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This cooperation involves sharing information on public transportation between Thai Smile Bus, a major bus service provider. Which has the ‘TSB Go Plus’ application and the OTP which has a ‘Navigation’ application that combines travel information with a variety of public transport. To provide information about buses in the Bangkok area more complete by citizens who have applications, no matter who they are In a future where information exchange is complete Will be able to see more complete information,” Deputy Governor Wisanu said after the signing ceremony.

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The Director of OTP added that the ‘Navigation’ application that OTP has made has collected travel information on buses, electric trains, and boats. From now on, the information we have made will be forwarded for use. Smart Bus Stop digital screen which is also under the supervision of BMA.

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The TSB Chairman also said that at present, Thai Smile Bus buses have 123 routes, which do not yet cover the entire Bangkok – metropolitan area. Having BMA take the lead in this collaboration will bring benefits to passengers. Because while waiting for the bus to arrive, you can see from the screen which bus will arrive within how many minutes? This will allow you to plan your trip. And is expected to attract more people to use public transportation.