Virtual Thailand: Tour Bangkok’s Grand Palace (VR)

BANGKOK — Every city has its “must-see” attraction. For Bangkok, it’s the Grand Palace, a sprawling complex of royal courts, throne halls and a temple containing Thailand’s most sacred object, the Emerald Buddha.

The palace was built in the early 18th century as the official seat of the royal government and residence for the monarchy. Although the royal family no longer lives there, it still hosts important state ceremonies and today welcomes multitudes of foreign tourists.

Admission for Thais is free. Foreigners have to pay 500 baht. The palace also imposes a strict dress code, banning shorts, short-sleeve shirts and skirts that do not cover the knee.

Want to see the iconic landmark but don’t want to pay or endure the dress code hassle? You’re in luck! Take a 360-degree tour of the compound and marvel at its elaborate decor, historic artwork – and many, many visitors from China.




The video is available embedded above from both Facebook and YouTube On the desktop, use your pointing device to look around. On a smartphone, simply move your phone to change the viewing direction. Users of Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard or virtual reality headsets should check how to view them on their devices.