BANGKOK — Just when Thais were losing hope of knocking out corruption, the kingdom’s highest budget auditor has came up with a novel solution.

Following the success of Leicester City FC, Office of the Auditor General of Thailand announced it will make a divine appeal for help in their mission protecting public funds by going to the same magic magic monk to bless what they’re calling “corruption-combating spirit cloth.”

“It will be a moral wall protecting the virtuous spending,” the office chairman Pisit Leelavachiropas told Channel 7.

He said a number of pha yant, a mystical cloth to which supernatural powers are ascribed, will be consecrated Saturday at Wat Ratchabophit by nine monks, including the famed assistant abbot of Wat Traimit, who has had a difficult time keeping any cloth in stock since Leicester City FC won the Premier League in May for the first time in its 132-year history.


Though spirit cloths are believed to go back a millennium, they enjoyed a resurgence last year after some football fans credited part of the team’s success to an unbeatable fabric given by Chao Khun Thongchai. During the past season, club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha invited the monk to King Power stadium in England several times to bless the players.

Success is far from guaranteed. In May, the national women’s volleyball team followed the same path to Wat Traimit where the monk said they would prevail in the Summer Olympics qualifiers. They did not.


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