BANGKOK — Grab a yellow shopping bag and get lost among Songesand, Kramig and Duktig later this month.

More than 8,000 items with their famous Swedish names go on sale March 15 when the capital’s second Ikea store opens in the Bang Yai area of Nonthaburi. With more than 50,000sqm, 41 showrooms and a parking lot for nearly 2,000 vehicles, it will also be Southeast Asia’s largest Ikea.

Thought Thailand’s first Ikea in Bang Na was big? Whereas it has a single entrance, the Nonthaburi branch will have six.

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The first floor holds checkout kiosks; a bistro; and stations for snacks and vanilla ice cream cones. The ever popular “as-is” section, featuring returned furniture sold at lower prices, will sit in the corner near the cashiers.

Take an elevator or escalator to the second floor’s “Market Hall.” Lighter goods such as kitchenware, shelves, curtains, bed sheets, carpets, frames, lamps and plant pots will be found there.

Those who come for the meatballs won’t be disappointed: Walk through the bedroom section to Hem (home, in Swedish), the store’s restaurant and cafe with five dining areas in different styles.

Children 100 centimeters to 130 centimeters in height can play in Smaland, or “magical forest.” Each floor will have its own checkout stands, the first such to be found at any Ikea in the world.

Ikea Bang Yai is located next to CentralPlaza Westgate and can also be accessed by foot from the shopping mall. It will be open 10am to 9pm, Monday through Thursday and 10am to 10pm, Friday through Sunday.