35 Foreigners Arrested In This Week’s ‘X-Ray Outlaw’ Raid

Tourist Police Deputy Commissioner Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, standing second from right, stares Wednesday at those arrested in Bangkok’s Nana Plaza.

BANGKOK — Dozens of foreigners were arrested early Wednesday when authorities raided 62 areas including schools and hotels nationwide.

At about 2am on Wednesday, Tourist Police Deputy Commissioner Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakpal and officers held a press conference at Nana Plaza on Soi Sukhumvit 4 to announce their arrests as a part of an ongoing operation they’ve called “X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner.” A total of 35 foreigners were arrested and charged various offenses, including illegal entry and overstaying their visas.


Among nine who overstayed their visas are six Indians, one Chinese, one Cameroonian and one German, Surachet said.

The 25 foreigners charged with illegal entry include seven Laotians, five Burmese, five Indians, four Cambodians, one Syrian, one Yemeni, one Egyptian and one Ugandan. One Indian was charged with drug-related offenses.


Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said the police raided Nana Plaza. In fact, police arrested the 35 foreigners elsewhere before holding a press conference at Nana Plaza.