Lost Souls Rejoice: SoulBar Reopens Next Week in Silom

Photo: SoulBar / Facebook

BANGKOK — Four months after its Charoen Krung location went dark, a bar dedicated to live jazz and other music will reopen next week in a new neighborhood.

Moving from the old town area over to the big-hit nightlife zone of Silom, SoulBar is ready to belt it out again in a venue that will be familiar to denizens of the dark.

The ground floor of Whiteline will offer a little more space for the same bevy of talented artists. Hear the stirring vocals of Washington D.C.’s Coco Rouzier while house band the Supergoods (Silpakorn University) will make a comeback with a set of neo-soul, R&B and more. Before and after their performances, audiences will hear DJs Obba and A spin golden grooves.

The jazz bar’s former location closed on its fourth anniversary this past August. Co-owner Romain Dupuy said it would soon reopen at a new, nearby venue. Apparently that fell through, and after some struggles, the bar has settled on Silom. Dupuy said the change follows the “opportunities that made sense to us being in a different corner of Bangkok.”


“Hopefully one day it would come back to Chinatown,” Dupuy continued.

SoulBar will reopen Dec. 19 at Whiteline on Soi Silom 8, which is also home to second-floor, underground music venue Safe Room.


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