Female lottery vendor asked uncle and aunt to buy a lottery which turns them newly millionaires

    Uncle and aunt who work as building contractors luckily won first prize lottery that the vendor asked them to buy said winning lottery prize is their truly luck.

    On Nov 2, 2022, Pongpat Aksornchoo, Inspector (inquiry) at Bantakhun Police Station, Surat Thani province said at the evening of Nov 1, he wrote down a daily police report that Mrs. Samornsri Sawatpimol, aged 58 and her husband, resident of Prachuab Kirikhan now working as building contractors at the province, won first prize lottery for Nov 1, 2022 draw which turned them suddenly newly millionaire.

    Mrs. Samornsri said now she and her husband have a contract building bridge at Panom district, Surat Thani province. Before the Nov 1 draw day, a female lottery vendor walked to her and asked her to buy the rest two lottery tickets. She could afford for only one ticket and bought it which luckily the ticket won the first prize. She said she was very happy. She previously lived difficulty and her husband’s health was not good. She hopes that the prize will improve her quality of life from now on.