Chiang Mai People Sign a Petition to the Court for PM 2.5

Chiang Mai residents sign a petition on Sunday at Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Law to support the lawsuit filed against Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha, ministers, and related agencies for ignoring and failing to resolve the PM2.5 that has been affecting people’s health for several weeks.

Despite legal authority, they exposed individuals to pollution that is extremely hazardous to their life.

The public network is led by the Law Foundation for the Environment, and the Faculty of Law at Chiang Mai University has scheduled to submit a petition to  Chiang Mai Administrative Court on Monday, April 10.

The groups gathered 727 signatures plus another 980 online signatures as part of the petition.

The appeal sought the Administrative Court to order the government to follow the National Agenda Action Plan, which is part of the Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act and tackles dust pollution problems.

According to Section 9 of the Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act of 1992, if a person is known to be the source of such pollution, the Prime Minister has the authority to prohibit that person from taking actions that would exacerbate the pollution during the aforementioned danger.

The minister is required to prescribe preventative measures under Section 10 in order to prevent, correct, suspend, or mitigate emergencies or the dangers posed by such contamination. And prepare a contingency plan to address the situation beforehand.

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