Khakkingrak: Name Change Improves My Love Luck

Ms. Khakkingrak Khikkhiksaranang

(30 January) The Thai actress whose name change went viral on the Internet has insisted that her life has greatly improved thanks to her new name.

"Love came to me as soon as I changed my name," said Ms. Khakkingrak Khikkhiksaranang, who was previously known as Pim-Aksiphon Wintarakomintra.
Ms. Khakkingrak elaborated that after she changed her name in December last year, she was introduced to a man from Dubai shortly afterwards, and the two soon started dating. 
In fact, the actress′ love luck has been accelerated so much that her boyfriend asked her sister whether he can marry Ms. Khakkingrak. 
"I was very surprised that it moved this fast. Right now he is a bit worried because I took a long time thinking about my answer," the actress told our correspondent, "He has already flown back to Dubai for works, but he will be back by Valentine′s Day".
Her boyfriend works as a court official in the UAE, Ms. Khakkingrak added.
The actress′ name change attractedattention – and amusement – from many Thai netizens, due to the extremely difficult pronunciation and the fact that her new surname sounds like chuckling in Thai. 
She has previously explained that her difficult name was devised to meet divine numerological requirement, which would purportedly reinforce her luck.
Asked whether she is ready for marriage, the 31 year old actress replied with a yes. "I am ready, with this age. Now it only depends on the question of when," Ms. Khakkingrak said.
However, the main obstacle to a marriage would be her work in Thailand, she said. "I still want to work. I love my work here more than anything else. If I have to move to Dubai after getting married with him, well, I am not ready for that".
Furthermore, she is also "talking" to another Thai man. "If you ask me who I will choose, I′d say 50/50," Ms. Khakkingrak said. 


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