Accuser Of 'The Nation' Exec To Submit Evidence

(9 April) The mysterious individual who accused famous The Nation journalist and executive of engaging in extra-marital affairs with her has agreed to submit further evidence to the news agency.

Mr. Kanok Ratwongsakul previously pressed charges against the accuser, who identified herself as a female Instagram user named "Lie Kanok", for defaming him by posting photos which purported to show Mr. Kanok's genital as proof that he had sexual relations with her.

"Lie Kanok" demanded that Mr. Kanok apologised to her for "manipulating" her into the affairs with him, only to ditch her later. Mr. Kanok has denied the allegation and blamed his political opponents for engineering the false tale to taint his reputation; the journalist has been an active supporter of the anti-government movements.

Nevertheless, Mr. Kanok admitted that a videoclip released by Lie Kanok which showed him whispering the words "I love you" to the camera was genuine, but said he could not remember its context. 

Mr. Kanok is currently under an investigation by The Nation. 

Today the accuser posted on her Facebook account that she is willing to present further evidence of Mr. Kanok's alleged affairs with her to the Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), including still pictures and video footage of Mr. Kanok.

She also urged the The Nation to reconsider Mr. Kanok's adherence to media ethics, and asked the company to guarantee her safety throughout the investigation. 

The exact contents of the evidence she has vowed to submit to The Nation are unclear, but she has nevertheless posted a photo showing what she claims to be Mr. Kanok sitting on a balcony with towel wrapped around his waist. 

She also reminded Mr. Kanok of his vow that he would quit his media profession if it was proven that he did manipulate anyone into sexual relations with him. 

"Kanok has been 'dramatic' with his claims that he is politically persecuted and intimidated," the accuser wrote, "But if it is proven that it is not the case, how will Kanok take responsibility?"


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