Songsumon Poshyanonda, Beloved Bangkok Musician, 33

DJ Pom Pom performs at Dudesweet's 'Gatsby Who?' party on June 8, 2013, in Bangkok. Photo: Courtesy Dudesweet

By Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra
Staff Reporter

BANGKOK — Friends and family laid to rest this past weekend Songsumon Poshyanonda, a popular and beloved figure in Bangkok’s tight-knit music community, who died recently of heart failure. She was 33.

Songsumon, best known as DJ Pom Pom, was a well-known DJ for event organizer Dudesweet and performed in her electro-pop band The Diet Pills. She was known for her passion for electronic, indie rock music. Her career as a DJ spanned 10 years.

"Pom was a lively person, loved her friends, loved parties and always optimistic,” said friend and collaborator, Dudesweet founder Pongsuang “Note” Kunprasop. “Which is what made DJ Pom a talented person who always created a fun and friendly atmosphere – all the qualities of a great DJ.”

Songsumon died Oct. 6 in her sleep.

Her friends expressed disbelief that she passed away so young. Those who knew said she never complained about much about anything, whether it was her personal life or illness.

“She was always a happy, fun person who loved music and loved to dress up," said Tul Waitoonkiat, frontman of Apartment Khunpa. A close friend of Tul, Songsumon was a regular fixture and DJ at his events. He said she never confided in him any health problems.

“She always had a positive vibe,” said Chakree Yutdharaks Punyaratabandhu, music director at lounge bar Eleventh Twelfth and a resident at Bad Motel. “She never gossiped about anyone, like most girls do.”

Songsumon came from a musical family. Her brother, Atichai Poshyanonda, drummed for the band Siam Secret Service, which went on to become Apartment Khunpa.

Praewa Chirapravati Na Ayudhya, drummer of indie band Yellow Fang, said the two often partied together. She said Songsumon was “very generous and always bought things for her.”

Songsumon had recently spoken of plans to open a restaurant and sell music records.

“If I weren’t able to be a DJ, I’d like to open a restaurant because I like eating and selling records, but the restaurant would be the priority,” she said in an interview with Tempo Magazine.

It was the second recent loss for members of Bangkok’s music scene. Many of those mourning Songsumon recently gathered to celebrate the life of Sqweez Animal guitarist Prachathip “Singha” Musikapon, who committed suicide in July. Thousands turned out for an Aug. 29 street party and many heartfelt tributes at a concert held Sept. 26 in his honor.

Additional reporting Chayanit Itthipongmaetee.