Red Cups and Hip-Hop Tonight at Badmotel

Photo: Redcup

BANGKOK — Walk into a frat house at an American university on a Saturday morning and find every surface covered with red plastic cups, all half-full of stale beer.

Now the red cup, a symbol of hard-partying college life and the foundation of the drunken sport that is beer pong, has a champion in Thailand named Nonthapat Montolsophon, who has made it his mission to champion the culture of the cup ever since he and his buddies sat around in college watching “American Pie” and decided to add them to the parties he was organizing at the time. 

Beer pong with red solo cups is what’s slated for tonight at Pop@Bad, a hip-hop party at Thonglor institution Badmotel. 

Now 27, Nonthapat has taken the red cup culture nationwide with retail distribution of the cups and associated parties in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

“Some people think it’s just a plastic cup, sure, but according to the comments we get on our Facebook, there’s a huge group of people who understand the party culture and get their friends into it,” he said.

He said it’s evident not only on social media but campuses as well.

“Most of our customers are college students, they buy the cups and host parties in their dormitory or condo.” he said. “Customers can buy the cups directly from the Facebook page.”

Pop@Bad starts at 9pm at Badmotel’s fourth floor rooftop bar.