Net Personality Behind Suicide Hoax Reports to Police

Mug shot of Makharin Phumsaart, aka Nae Wat Dao, taken at Bang Yi Khan Police Station is shared on the internet.

BANGKOK — Two days after he made headlines by appearing to shoot himself live on Facebook, internet celebrity Makharin Phumsaart turned himself in to police yesterday.

On Monday, Makharin, known online as Nae Wat Dao, sought to dismiss rumors he was arrested and told his million-plus followers online that he had turned himself in for a weapons possession charge stemming from the incident.

The 26-year-old man reportedly surrendered to officers at Bang Yi Khan Police Station in Bangkok’s Bang Phlat district Sunday evening. He brought a handgun not registered under his name.


On Saturday morning, Makharin streamed a live broadcast on Facebook appearing to show him shoot himself in the head in a video soon made unavailable. Doubts about its authenticity were answered by police on Sunday, who said he only had a scratch on his head and there was no evidence the gangster-cum-social media personality had shot himself.

Most reactions online have condemned Makharin for perpetuating a hoax online to build his business promoting products through social media. Some have expressed concern with his mental health.

Makharin’s 80-year-old grandmother told acting city police chief Lt. Gen. Sanit Mahathavorn that he was only bleeding slightly on his head and could go to the hospital himself on that day. She also denied that he suffered any mental illness.

It was unclear as of Monday afternoon whether Makharin would face further prosecution over the matter. Police said they would hold a news conference later Monday.


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