Blind Artists Take Center Stage in Performance Art Festival

Photo: Sunny Side Up / Facebook
Photo: Sunny Side Up / Facebook

BANGKOK — Blind artists will star in two plays this September, which were also penned by visually impaired artists.

One of the shows, “Nil’s Vision,” is based on the real life story of the musician Yongsan Yongkamol, tracing his transition from a childhood with full vision to a blind adulthood. Despite his visual impairment, the artist eventually becomes an internationally-acclaimed saxophonist.

The 50-minute show, which runs from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1, will feature live music arranged by Yongsan’s former professor Kritsada Reyes.

Another show, “Sunny Side Up,” blends the real stories of two women: a blind trainee psychologist Sarocha Kittisiripan, and bipolar theatre actress Lola Worakulsanti. Performed by both Sarocha and Lola themselves, the play rummages through their daily lives and respective experiences with physical and mental disabilities.


To add another dimension to the show, the performance features “scents” from scent designer Chalida Kunalai. “Sunny Side Up” will run from Sept. 12 to 22.

Both shows are part of the ongoing Performance Art Festival #8. The festival’s organizer, the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, said it wants to cast the spotlight on people with disabilities and break down barriers of misunderstanding.

Details of other shows and the festival schedule can be found online.


Tickets for “Nil’s Vision” cost 300 baht for adults, and 200 baht for students. Tickets for “Sunny Side Up” cost 550 baht for adults, and 350 baht for students and people with disabilities. Charity fundraising packages for “Sunny Side Up” are also available – they come with a ticket for the show and souvenirs, such as perfume.

“Performance Art Festival #8” runs from July 4 to Dec. 14 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. Every show will include Thai and English subtitles. Tickets can be obtained online or at the door. The venue is reachable by a short walk from BTS National Stadium or BTS Siam.