Bangkok, 7 May 2020: Global retail destinations –  ICONSIAM, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery have implemented maximum hygienic and safety measures with advanced aid of  innovative technologies, to ensure safe reopening for all involved, business alliances tenants and  shoppers with an ultimate goal to bring back ‘Siam Smiles.’

Naratipe Ruttapradit, Senior Executive Vice President, Operations, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., the operator and a joint venture partner of global retail destinations ICONSIAM, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery said “Preventive and hygienic measures which strictly comply with The Ministry of Public Health’s guidance, have been our key priorities. We are the pioneering retailers to implement maximum hygienic measures for the safety of our customers and staffs, which have been strictly put in action and highly recognized even before the temporary closure. With regard to the government’s guidance, we are now in full preparedness to reopen and to encourage public hygienic practices. We have practically and effectively incorporated innovative technologies in our practices, to ensure public safety is achieved and boost maximum confidence among  our business alliances, tenants, shoppers and employees.  We are introducing temperature scanning robot, UV-C disinfectant technology for advanced indoors and outdoor cleaning plus a complete ramp up of maximum health and safety measures.”

Our ‘Innovative Health & Safety’ measures cover three key dimensions.

1. Health & safety measures for service providers

1.1 Daily screening and close follow up

Before starting work, upon entering the buildings, it is obligatory for all staffs to do daily health check. The close monitoring keeps track of their health condition and travel record within 14 days. Temperature check is performed before work and during the day. Employees must also do report in-and-out registration report via application, QR code or online form.


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1.2 Maintain strict personal hygiene

All staffs on duty are required to wear face mask, face shields and maintain personal hygiene at all time. They must enter the properties through the designated sanitization gate. Cleaning staffs must wear gloves at all time. All staffs are also closely advised about COVID-19 awareness and prevention.

2. Health & safety measures for the retail properties

2.1 All-area deep cleaning before reopening

All-area deep cleaning has been scheduled. Ozone purifiers, UV-C sanitization and Disinfecting Fogger Technology are unitized.  All common areas and facilities such as waiting seats, shuttle bus and shuttle boat seats, shop interiors, the properties’ and shops sewers have been cleaned and sanitized. Air-coil Coll & Fin units have been coated with disinfection enzyme to prevent possible infection and air condition systems have been Ozone-cleansed.

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2.2 Strict visitor screening and sanitization

Thermo temperature scanners are deployed at all entrances with an addition of an innovative temperature scan robot True5G Temi Thermal Scan AutoBot that allows immediate and precise temperature scan plus instant notification via LINE application in case of any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus. Mobile Sanitization Carpets are installed at main entrances and exits. Over 300 hand sanitizer units are provided throughout the properties. Disinfectant is sprayed and OZONE sanitization is performed every night after the operation hours in all common areas and offices. Free UV-C sanitization spots are available. Extra preventive measures are applied for diapers rooms, prayer rooms, tourist lounge and Infinite Lounge.

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2.3 Occupancy limit and social distancing

Numbers of visitors are limited and clearly stated in compliance with the guidance by the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health. Zoning measures limit entrances and exit to allow all visitors to pass the temperature scanner. Common areas are under social distancing practice. Restrooms are marked with recommended social distancing signage. Escalators required a minimum of 2 steps distance for each customer. Passengers are limited for ICONSIAM’s shuttle buses and shuttle boats and seats are also marked with social distancing signage. Seats at restaurants are rearranged to be adjacent and one-meter apart with signage indicated. Protection shields are installed at frequented customer service areas and protection shields are provided to staff including face shields, food shields, table shields, counter service shields, redemption counter shields and cashier shields.  Customer service counters are also marked with distancing queue. For elevators, numbers of passenger are limited.  Instruction and marks are placed to maintain safe distancing.

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2.4 Cleanliness at all touch points 

All touch points sanitization is scheduled at every 30 minutes. Disinfectants are applied at elevators, escalator handrails, restrooms, restroom fixtures and public seating areas. Possible infection risk from restrooms doors are also reduced by door opening equipment. The same practices are also applied to car parking cards, food court cards, fitting rooms, service rooms, tutoring room and every item, pre and post service. Used face masks are trashed under separate waste management method. Air flow and ventilation system are managed.

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2.5 Delivery man protocols

Delivery men can use only specified entrance and exit. Waiting areas are set. Every delivery man is required to register and fill the Shopping Center’s tracking form, wear face masks at all time and use hand sanitizer before pick up the orders. The shopping centers’ coordinating staffs are assigned to manage food and products orders and delivery.

3. Health & safety measures to ensure maximum customers’ confident

3.1 Use technology to serve the new normal

Shoppers are required to download mobile application, use specified QR Code or other online form for entrance and exit registration, in compliance with the government safety measure. OneSiam and ICONSIAM applications also facilitate plan-ahead shopping.

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3.2 Aware of self-protection and reduce physical contact


Visitors are required to wear face masks at all time and comply to the shopping centers’ guidance by using hand sanitizer, entrance through the temperature scanner and body temperature must not exceed 37.5 ◦c. Face mask are available for customers at automatic face mask selling machine. Cashless and E-payment are encouraged for more convenient shopping and cash changes are provided in change bags available at all cashiers.

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3.3 Special service for customers with extra needs.

Elderly and disabled are specially facilitated to shorten their time spent. Reserved parking is available, located near the entrance and Priority Check out payment are eligible, also for customers with small quantity purchase.

Siam Piwat is confident that OneSiam which includes three shopping destinations Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery and ICONSIAM, a Chao Phraya riverside property, are fully equipped to implement maximum Health & Safety measures to ensure best health and safety to its business alliances, tenants, staffs and customers to serve the ‘New Normal Innovative Lifestyle.’ With the goal to bring back the ‘Siam Smiles’ and happiness to Thailand.