BANGKOK — Walk through a magical forest of Hindu myth and see a man juggle flaming skulls as he rides a bird-man.

Journey through the Himmapan forest and meet its fantastical creatures amid a raging conflict between god and demon in a new show-spectacle premiering Sunday.

The same home to a newly launched Muay Thai stunt show is opening another tourist-luring attraction with the 800 million baht production of “Himmapan Avatar.

In the “walk-through experience,” audiences go on what’s described as 360-degree panoramic journey inside Himmapan, the legendary forest in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, where mystical animals live.


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The story follows gods and demons warring for power over the realm in the form of a “Maneeratana” stone that protects the Himmapan from demonic deforestation.

The 700-seat theatre will blend sexy updates to traditional beliefs with special lighting, sound and multimedia effects.

Tickets sell for 1,400 baht, 1,700 baht and 2,000 baht. More information is available online.

The show will be officially launched on Sunday with one show at 7:30 pm on weekday and additional matinees at 2:30pm on weekend which will be performed in Thai.

The venue is on the fourth floor arena of Show DC on Rama IX Road. It can be reached by taxi or motorbike taxi from MRT Phetchaburi exit No. 1 or Airport Rail Link Makkasan.


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