BANGKOK Rewind to the ‘90s with Oasis, Spice Girls, Pulp and more with Dudesweet and friends next month

Dudesweet will unleash a sentimental blast from the past at a party featuring DJs such as American dance DJ Tee Skrillex along with house DJs GayAim, The Panlert Twins, Nut Lullabar and Mr. Note himself.

The party will mix its ‘90s genres with some R&B and hip-hop on the first floor; and alternative rock, grunge and live Oasis and Spice Girls covers flooding the second. Rave out on the third floor to trance, rave and Drum ‘n Bass.

The party is 20 and up.

The period party perfectionists are not allowing mobile phones or digital cameras inside to preserve the authenticity (Millennials: They didn’t exist yet). And no big eye contact lenses. To capture the retro moment, a special zine called “Third World Times” will be distributed.

Tickets are 600 baht. Advanced tickets are available at 400 baht and can be bought via Ticketmelon.

The party starts at 9 pm on Dec. 16 at Whiteline at Soi Silom 8. The nearest rail stop is BTS Chong Nonsi.