Bangkok’s 7-Eleven Adds Latest Service: Laundromats

Laundromats in the 7-Eleven at Sirinthorn Soi 5. Photo: Prachachat

BANGKOK — Local laundromats are now at the risk of being hung out to dry after a 7-Eleven store rolls out its own washing machine service, the latest service in its increasingly monopolistic grip on consumers lives.

The laundromat at a 7-Eleven branch on Sirinthorn Soi 5 in Bang Phlat district was introduced in December without much fanfare. It’s operated by a laundromat service called Otteri Wash and Dry.

“The reception has been very good so far. It’s mostly used by people living in the residential area there,” Kavin Nitasnajarukul, Otteri owner said. Otteri Wash and Dry has been in operation since 2016. It currently has 210 branches around Thailand.

Washing services at the 7-Eleven store start at 40 baht for a load washed in cold water, 50 baht for warm water, and 60 baht for hot water. The dryer is 40 baht for a 30-minute run, with every additional 10 minutes an extra 6 baht.


The branch also includes various other services as part of CP Group’s push to turn its ubiquitous stores into a one-stop service for all aspects of life. The Sirinthorn Soi 5 branch also includes a photocopying, scanning, and printing service, apart from the existing bill payment and concert ticket booking services.

Depending on customer reception, the model may be rolling out to other branches in the country, Kavin said.

It’s not just laundromats being tested in 7-Elevens – the Nawamintrarachinuthit Soi 3 branch near Assumption University off Bang Na Trat opened an A&W Express in their branch in January, serving root beer, waffle sandwiches, and other items from the fast food chain. A&W Express will launch in at least 10 other 7-Eleven branches this year, a CP rep told Prachachat.


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The A&W Express at Nawamin Soi 3 branch. Photo: A&W Thailand / Facebook

Update: The article has been updated with the A&W Express 7-Eleven branch location.