European Road Trip Group Makes a Pit Stop to Explore Phitsanulok

The Autoreizen-Car Challenge – Extraordinary Avontuur group from Belgium and the Netherlands stopped by to explore the beauty of Phitsanulok province in Thailand. They visited and admired the exquisite Phra Buddha Chinnarat, one of the most beautiful Buddha statues in Thailand and a heartwarming center for the people of Phitsanulok. This visit took place on October 2.

Phitsanulok Province organized a welcome performance for the tourist group, and the travelers enthusiastically participated in the festivities. In addition to the warm welcome, the province also presented the visitors with souvenirs, including a box of fried noodles, Meing Kam (a local snack), Mai Lai Ong bananas, a box of mango sticky rice, and a brochure about Phitsanulok in English.

Afterwards, the tour group had the opportunity to admire the breathtaking beauty of Phra Buddha Chinnarat, one of the most beautiful Buddha images in Thailand and a unifying symbol for the people of Phitsanulok. Following the visit, the group explored the local stores around the temple, admiring and buying various local products and souvenirs.

Sasivarn Sriphrom, president of the Tourism Industry Council of Phitsanulok, said that the Autoreizen-Car Challenge – Extraordinary Avontuur group’s trip to Phitsanulok is to help promote tourism in the province and introduce it to travelers worldwide.

This group of travelers traveled in private cars from the Netherlands through Asia, including India, Nepal, China, Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia, eventually reaching their destination in Australia. After their visit to Phitsanulok, they plan to continue their journey in Khon Kaen province.

The tour group also mentioned their intention to visit Phitsanulok again in the future, as they were deeply impressed by the warm welcome they received from the Thai people.



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