News Station Killer Charged with First Degree Murder

Wim Sonsuk with police in a crime reenactment on May 28, 2020 in at the National Broadcasting Service radio station in Phitsanulok.

PHITSANULOK — A gunman who killed three and severely wounded another at a public radio station was charged with premeditated murder Thursday.

Wim Sonsuk, 59, who worked for National Broadcasting Services of Thailand, was arrested yesterday soon after he gunned down his colleagues inside the station, reportedly driven by “workplace disputes.”

“Everyone was fleeing,” Wim said upon his arrest Wednesday. “No one can say I didn’t have the guts to do it. Don’t underestimate me.” 

On Wednesday, Wim shot dead station director Sanit Butrmangkul, 60, and electricians Jittawut Sumethapanant, 47, and Phumsaran Panphumi, 55. He also used a dagger in the attack.


Another electrician, Prung Chandaeng, was shot in the mouth, but he’s reported to be in stable condition as of Thursday. 


Wim said he committed the murder after conflicts at work. “I would be sitting around, cheerfully minding my own business when [Jittawut] would frown at me, or tell me to not get involved with work unless I was ready to take responsibility,” Wim said Thursday. 

He faces death penalty if convincted by the court. 

“He prepared weapons, both guns and knives. So when he came to the station he just started shooting,” Police Lt. Gen. Apichat Sirisit said.