BTS Rules Out Opening Windows on Trains

Commuters wait for a train at a BTS station.
Commuters wait for a train at a BTS station.

BANGKOK — The BTS skytrain operators on Thursday said they scrapped a plan to run trains with their windows open in an attempt to promote better ventilation against the coronavirus.

The company said leaving windows open did allow greater airflow during a series of trials earlier this week, but the option has proven to be impractical since the country is entering the rainy season, and it would put more stress on air conditioners.

“We have attempted to solve the problem of overcrowding trains with the Ministry of Public Health. This is only a test,” the company said in a statement. “There’s enough airflow as the BTS runs over the ground and there’s only 2-3 minutes gap between each station.”

Every BTS carriage is equipped with small windows to be used in an event of emergency.


The company said it has strictly adhered to hygiene measures at its stations and on trains by requiring passengers to wear face masks and maintain social distance while using the service.