Taxi Driver Arrested For Attempting To Sexually Abuse Passenger

(8 May) The team of Klong koi police station have captured Mr.Bundit Tiengpadoong, 38, a taxi driver who allegedly attempted to sexually abuse a passenger.

The criminal was apprehended at Major Department store, Parkkred.


In the press conference, Mr. Pradit confessed that he just broke up with his wife and he was feeling sexually aroused when he saw the female passenger. He offered her 1,000 baht to have sex with him, but she refused. He then took her cell phone and the woman jumped out of the car and escaped.

Police records show Mr. Pradit had been arrested 3 times in the past. The victim, who works as a tour company employee, was able to identify the suspect.


The victim said that on December 28th, 2012, she was on a taxi from Sanamluang to her house in Nonthaburi. The driver took her out of the way to 345 street and drove her into a motel and offered to pay her 1,000 baht to have sex with him. She refused and she called her boyfriend and gave him the license plate of the taxi. The taxi driver took the phone out of her hand and she jumped out of the car, was slightly injured, but was able to escape.