Survey: Majority Supports Yingluck's Full Term

(20 May) A survey conducted by Assumption University (ABAC Poll) revealed their findings on Thai public′s perception of troubles in everyday life, their opinion about the government′s stability, and their support for PM Yingluck Shinawatra.

The survey consists of 2,115 respondents from 17 provinces.

36.5% consider themselves in great troubles, while 65.7% say the government gives little to no attention at all to their troubles. 64.6% feel that good and hard working individuals were not supported in working for the benefit of the public.

Asked about their perception of the government, 85.2% feel that the main factors for a shaky government is the high cost of goods and cost of living, and 81.9% feel that it is due to the ruling party′s efforts to amend the 2007 Constitution. 73.8% believe that government visits to troubled areas can help stabilize the government.

A majority of 55.9% said they will still give Ms. Yingluck a chance to finish her 4-year term.

On the same day, a survey commissioned by Dusit University (Dusit Poll), which asked 1,346 citizens for their opinion about a potential new election predicted by the opposition leader Mr. Abhisit Vejjajeeva. Mr. Abhisit has recently expressed his belief that a nationwide election might be held in late 2013.

Concerning this matter, 44.80% said they would not support a call for another election so soon because it would waste the national budget and might set the administration of the country back to zero. These citizens also expressed their fear that a fresh election might bring political chaos.

Meanwhile, 34.05% said they are still not sure if there will be an election or not.