Pig Farm Burmese Worker Killed After 'Drunken Brawl'

(21 May) A Burmese worker was killed in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province following what was described to be an alcohol-fueled dispute with other workers.

The incident took place at a pig farm in the province′s Hau Sai district. Police found dead body of a Burmese man simply identified as Mr. Vee, 38, in a pool of blood in the farm workers residence. His body bore wounds caused by blunt objects. His skull was cracked, his throat slit.


Investigation reveals that Mr. Vee had come to work at the farm with 2 relatives from Myanmar and had lived with them in the farm.

On the night of the incident, the 2 relatives, identified as Mr. Meng and Mr. Chor, reportedly drank with Mr. Vee in the residence. Arguments later ensued, and the 2 Burmese used kitchen equipment to kill Mr. Vee, according to witnesses.


The police are still seeking Mr. Meng and Mr. Chor, who had reportedly fled the scene.