UK Foreign Ministry Asked Thailand To Take Care of Britons

BANGKOK — (22 May) A meeting between top ranking officials from the United Kingdom and Thailand has been concluded with new agreements in many areas including increasing number of British tourists to Thailand.

Mr. Hugo Wire, Deputy Foreign Minister of the UK, met with Mr. Surapong Tovijakchaikul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in a summit called “Thailand-UK 1”.

After the discussion, Mr. Surapong told reporters the talks were successful on many issues, such as promoting trade and investment between both countries and increasing number of tourists from the UK.

Thailand received more tourists from the UK than any other European country, totaling at nearly 1 million visitors per year.



Mr. Surapong said Mr. Wire has expressed his concerns about the welfare and security for British tourists traveling to Thailand.

A high ranking official in the Ministry Foreign Affairs told our correspondent that the Thai government has recently re-issued an invitation for Mr. David Cameron, the British prime minister, to officially visit Thailand. The Thai government wants to discuss and share experiences on issues reconciliation with Mr. Cameron since UK is a good model for democracy, he said.

The two countries would be also able to discuss other issues, such as the Rohingya immigrants, South China Sea dispute, and the situation in North Korea, the official added.